7-Day Itinerary for Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is famous for its rich history, attractive landscape, and vibrant culture.

The diverse geographic land, ranging from sturdy mountains, exotic beaches, red hues, and majestic cliffs, attracts tourists for a 7-day itinerary for traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The hospitality of the locals makes it even more memorable. Walk with us through a 7-day itinerary for traveling to Saudi Arabia to learn what this destination can offer you!

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The ultimate 7-day itinerary in Saudi Arabia

Day 1- Arrival In Riyadh

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The tour starts with your arrival in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest economies in the World.

Start your adventure by visiting the National Museum of Saudi Arabia and indulge in the historical importance of the country.

Explore the Masmak fort and learn more about the Saudi heritage.

Stroll through the Deerah Souq, a local market near the Al Masmak Fort. Here, you can get:

  • Clothes,

  • Handicrafts,

  • Gold,

  • Copper Products

  • Jewellery

End your day by having a scrumptious dinner at Najd Village. Here, you will enjoy the true essence of authentic traditional Saudi dishes. The ambiance, heritage, and tasty dinner will leave a mark on your heart that you will cherish forever.

Day 2- Exploring Riyadh

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Day 2 starts with classic sightseeing at the red sand dunes of Riyadh. The golden sunshine falling on the sand particles and the sky's changing color makes the whole scene impeccable.

Enjoy the breakfast here and head back to your hotel. Explore the majestic landscape view of the whole city through the Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center.

Reserve your evening for Al-Diriyah, the birthplace of Saudi Arabia and the kingdom's capital in the 15th century.

Day 3- Riyadh- Al-Ula

Image credit: Sultan Alshareef via Unsplash

Take a local flight to Al-Ula, a region of historic treasures.

This is where you’ll visit Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, also known as Madain Salah or Al-Hijr. This area showcases a breathtaking landscape, archaeological treasures, and civilization history dating back 2000 years.

Elephant rocks are another famous tourist spot where rocks are being carved into elephant trunks, displaying Al-Ula geomorphological wonders.

Explore the fascinating Jabah Ikmal, an open-air library featuring thousands of inscriptions and rock art.

Have a breathtaking sight of the whole city through Musa Ibn Nusayr Fort. This will mark the end of day 3 of a 7-day itinerary for traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Day 4- Al-Ula- Jeddah

Image credit: darylfigueroa via Unsplash

Pack your bags to enjoy another historical site, Jeddah, a lively coastal city.

Start by exploring the old town, a historical area known as Al-Balad. Here, you will find many old Ottoman houses, restaurants, and Souq Al Awi, where you can discover the traditional landscape of the old town.

Head over to the House of Islamic Art Museum, which displays various Islamic art exhibits collected worldwide.

Also pay a visit to the oldest mosque in Jeddah, Al Shafi, which dates back to the reign of Caliph Umar B. Al-Khattab. To the west of the mosque are ancient silversmiths, and from the east is a famous textile and clothing market.

Spend your evening enjoying the most remarkable fountain waterfall in the world, the King Fahd Fountain.

Stroll through the corniche along with enchanting views of the Red Sea to conclude day 4.

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Day 5- Jeddah To Medina

Image credit: Konevi via Canva Pro

Day 5 will start with arriving at Medina, the holiest city in the world. This place holds significant religious and spiritual value for Muslims.

Visit Masjid Nabawi, the second-largest mosque built by Prophet Muhammad, one of the most sacred places.

Then, go to Quba Mosque, the oldest mosque in Saudi Arabia, which is the first mosque whose foundation was laid by Prophet Muhammad.

Explore Mount Uhud, a historic battleground of early Islamic wars, including the pivotal Battle of Uhud.

You can enjoy the famous dates of Medina and walk through the local markets, absorbing the spiritual atmosphere.

Some other sites to visit if you have a day or two to spend time are the Al-Medina Museum, the Seven Mosques, and the Grave of Hamzah.

This truly will nourish your soul, making your visit an unforgettable experience.

Day 6- Medina to Makkah

Image credit: Ishan @seefromthesky via Unsplash

The day begins with quick and easy travel from Medina by train to Makkah. Rest at the hotel and enjoy breakfast.

Makkah, like Medina, is also one of the most sacred places for Muslims. Start by visiting Masjid-ul-Haram and witness the Kabah's majestic presence.

Discover the famous pilgrimage spots, Mina and Muzdalifah Muqamme-Ibrahim, and learn their historical importance.

You can also walk along the streets to feel the spiritual atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit Hira Cave, Jabal-Al-Noor, where Prophet Muhammad received revelation.

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Day 7- Makkah to Al-Khobar

Image credit: Ali Mubarak via Unsplash

Al-Khobar is a unique destination that offers things worth trying to tick off from your bucket list. From scuba diving to Scitech and Taybeen Museum, this city provides a variety of things to do.

After a six-day trip, go to Nirvana Spa And Fitness Center for a luxurious time.

Discover Half Moon Beach, which is quiet and serene. It also has a few entertainment and food options to enjoy.

In the evening, head to the Sadeen Commercial Center, packed with entertainment, shopping, and dining areas.

Walk through Corniche, enjoy the cool breeze, and end your day by eating at a restaurant.

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Finally, this will be your last destination as you say goodbye and return to your homeland. This marks the end of the 7-day itinerary for traveling to Saudi Arabia.

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