6 Budget-Friendly Halal Destinations for Hari Raya Long Holiday

As the Holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, Muslims around the world prepare to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri - a time of happiness, appreciation, and reunion.

After a long month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, it is natural for you to seek a well-deserved break to relax. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones by creating meaningful memories that will stay with you.

And what is a better way to do so on this festive occasion than by embarking on a memorable journey to explore the beauty of halal tourism?

So join us in this blog as we take a look at six locations where you can experience the joy of Eid during the holidays.

Hop along on this adventure while staying true to your halal lifestyle and without breaking the bank!

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Best budget-friendly destinations to visit this Raya!

1. Saudi Arabia

budget friendly rasa destinationsImage credit: Konevi | Pexels

This is the perfect start to your Hari Raya holidays - you can experience the Eid festivities in no other than Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular destinations amongst Muslims worldwide. Here, Muslims from every corner of the world visit - especially during the month of Ramadan - to perform Umrah and indulge in iba’dah (worship).

Here you can also visit cultural sites which hold Islamic and historical values, take a desert safari to experience the beauty of Saudi’s desert landscapes, and discover the bustling souks (Arab market) and bazaars.

Don’t forget to visit these destinations as well:

  • Half Moon Beach

  • The Lonely Castle - Qasr al-Farid

  • Dammam

  • Aseer National Park

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2. Malaysia

budget friendly raya destinationsImage credit: Indra Gunawan | Pexels

Malaysia is the country where you will witness the perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

This country has it all - whether you are looking for modern architecture, summers on the beaches, historical treasures, amusement parks, hillside getaways, different cuisines, or countryside peace - you will find it in Malaysia.

A few places that should be on your travel itinerary in Malaysia are:

  • Petronas Twin Towers

  • Langkawi Island

  • Genting Highlands

  • Masjid Putra

  • Penang

  • Malacca

  • Cameron Highlands

3. Singapore

budget friendly raya destinationsImage credit: Addie | Pexels

Another country you can tick off your list while visiting Malaysia is Singapore. The small distance between the two countries makes the flight cheap and short - making it the perfect pocket-friendly Raya destination!

Despite its geographically small size, Singapore is well known for its cultural diversity and culinary delights.

Moreover, with its efficient public transportation system and wallet-friendly attractions, it is a top choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Here you can explore the lush greenery of Gardens by the Bay, relish in mouthwatering halal dishes at Hawker Centers, or immerse yourself in the rich history of Chinatown.

Here are a couple of places you simply cannot miss:

  • Botanic Gardens

  • Night Safari at Singapore Zoo

  • Little India

  • Marina Bay Sands

4. Turkey

budget friendly raya destinationsImage credit: Taryn Elliot | Pexels

Beaming with history, Turkey offers the perfect blend of East and West. Whether you’re one to enjoy sunset cruises or architectural wonders like the Blue Mosque, Turkey has it all.

It offers a unique mix of cultures, cuisines, and scenery along with its vibrant history and affordable accommodations - this makes it a perfect destination for a memorable Hari Raya holiday.

These are the top places that you have to visit:

  • Istanbul

  • Grand Bazaar

  • Bosphorus Cruise

  • Cappadocia

  • Princess Island

5. Maldives

budget friendly raya destinationsImage credit: Asad | Pexels

If you want to escape to Paradise on Earth this Hari Raya, Maldives is just the place for you to be!

With its postcard-perfect scenery, crystal clear waters, and luxurious resorts, Maldives is the ultimate tropical getaway if you are seeking relaxation or adventure - just what you need after Ramadan.

Spend your mornings swimming and snorkeling with your loved ones and your nights at the resorts that serve delicious halal options.

Make sure to visit these places:

  • Male

  • Grand Friday Mosque

  • Vaadhoo Island

  • Maafushi Island

6. Sri Lanka

Image credit: Tomas Malik

Sri Lanka or the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean” is another pocket-friendly destination you can visit during the Hari Raya holidays.

Compared to other popular travel destinations, Sri Lanka offers excellent value for money with

The best part is that it caters to every kind of traveler with its beautiful beaches, luscious jungles, historic temples, and lively culture.

Some must-visit locations in Sri Lanka are:

  • Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

  • Adam’s Peak

  • Colombo

Wrapping Up

As the Hari Raya Long holiday approaches, take this opportunity to embark on a memorable journey to one of these budget-friendly halal destinations.

Whether you want to spend your days on a beach, or immerse in history, these diverse and enchanting destinations promise you a great use of your holidays.

So pack your bags and set on your journey to celebrate this Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

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