Hajj 2019: Essentials Every Muslim Pilgrim Should Pack

The anticipation and preparation of Hajj can be daunting. For many Muslims, it’s might be a  first-time affair. With courses to attend and so much information to retain, the thought of packing can be a pretty stressful task on its own! Fret not, we’ve rounded up the things to bring to Hajj!

If there’s one trip you shouldn’t overpack for, it’s Hajj. Hajj is all about complete dedication to spiritual renewal, so keeping your material possessions to a minimum is best. These are the essentials which you would need for a smooth, fruitful journey to the Holy Land.

1. The Travel Basics

Hajj 2019 essentials to pack

Sometimes it’s overlooked because it seems obvious. To be fair, these are travel essentials you would need for virtually any trip you go on, but there’s no harm in being reminded from time to time.

  • Passport
  • Travel documents
  • Medication
  • Power Bank

2. Clothing

hajj 2019 essentials to pack
Image credit: Ikhlasul Amal

One of the key concepts in Hajj is ihram. During the pilgrimage, Muslims shed all signs of societal status and societal distinctions by donning on simple white garments calling ihram clothing. Ihram clothing symbolises equality and purity, such that there is no distinction between a prince and a pauper.

ihram hajj 2019 essentials to pack
Image credit: Ikhlasul Amal

For men, the required dress is two white clothes free of any stitches or seams. Sandals that are worn should not be stitched. Before donning on ihram clothing, Muslim men would shave their heads and trim their beards and nails. On the other hand, women follow the general rule the Islamic dress code – covering everything except for their hands and face. Most Muslim women go for a simple white or black loose-fitting abaya.

For the days outside your ihram, wear clothing with cooling materials (eg. cotton) that’s appropriate to beat the Saudi Arabian heat. 

  • Ihram clothing
  • Light, cooling clothing
  • Shoe covers or Khuff socks

3. Toiletries

toiletries hajj 2019 essentials to pack

Part of being in a state of ihram is to be void of any fragrances and perfumes. This is because the Prophet Muhammad PBUH forbade the pilgrim to wear any garment that had been touched by perfume. Hence, it’s important to make sure that all the toiletries you bring to Hajj are unscented. 

Check out this list of toiletries you can’t forget:

  • Unscented soap, shampoo, lotion, chapstick
  • Unscented sunscreen
  • Unscented wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste or Miswak
  • Nail clippers

If you’re looking for a fuss-free option, there are also some online retailers that sell Hajj kits filled with unscented toiletries and beauty goods.

4. Spiritual Supplies

quran hajj 2019 essentials to pack

Hajj is all about Taqwa, and the power of dua is known to be much more powerful during Hajj.

Pocket-sized Quran and other Islamic books like dua books or Hajj guides are helpful when performing rituals of Hajj. It comes in handy when you’re in need of a refresher on certain Hajj concepts and rituals. Also, having these dua books allow you to perform supplications wherever you go.

quran hajj 2019 essentials to pack

Another common method is to curate a personal list of duas before embarking. There are no bounds to what you can include in your dua list – a simple guide is to include anything and everything your heart desires. It could be related to self-improvement, forgiveness and even specific goals like new business ventures and improved family relations. By curating a more specific duas, it will strengthen your intention and might make them more effective.

Furthermore, finding a proper ablution area while travelling might be difficult. To save yourself in those unfortunate moments, carry a spray bottle with you! You’ll be able to take wudhu wherever you go. 

hajj 2019 prayer
Image credit: Rabun Warna

Lastly, it’s highly recommended for pilgrims to bring their own prayer mat or sejadah with them. This would be easier for you to perform your prayers without the worry of the cleanliness of the floors. Also, since you’re at the Holy Land, you would want to maximise your opportunity for prayers. 

Consider this collated list of spiritual supplies:

  • Pocket-sized Quran
  • Islamic books – dua books, Hajj guides
  • A personal list of duas
  • Notetaking material
  • A spray bottle
  • Personal sejadah (prayer mat)

In essence, these are some of the things that you can’t forget when going on Hajj. It’s important to make sure you pack the appropriate clothing and things for Hajj, from clothing to the reading material. With all the essentials packed, you’ll be equipped to have a fruitful and beneficial pilgrimage!

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