Macao SAR’s 20th Anniversary Giveaway – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions before participating. HalalZilla has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. Participation in this promotion shall constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. HalalZilla reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend or delay this promotion.

Winners’ Selection:

  1. Winners will be picked randomly by the Organiser from a list of all participants that answered correctly. HalalZilla’s decision is final and no further discussions will be entered into once the winners are announced.
  2. Winners will be contacted via e-mail / PM.
  3. By participating in this Contest, participants agree to provide their personal contact information (Full Name, Residential Address, Mobile Number and Email Address) – upon receiving notification of winning – for the purpose of processing and administering prize fulfillment.
  4. HalalZilla reserves the right to audit and ensure that the accounts/and friends’ accounts are bona fide. Any participant who generates multiple accounts for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in this Contest shall be disqualified. HalalZilla reserves absolute discretion to disqualify any/such participant(s).

Prize claim:

Winners will need to acknowledge their appointment as a winner and respond with their personal contact information within 5 calendar days. Failure to do so will result in their prize being forfeited and offered to the next eligible participant. Prizes are non-transferable. Terms and conditions apply.

Other conditions:

Only answers received through the question post’s comment section on the HalalZilla Facebook page will be considered as valid entries. Only ONE answer per person. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. Only answers received during the advertised promotion period will be counted. Submissions MUST NOT be racially or religiously charged, and must not be politically related. Participants are responsible for their submissions and any submission that is deemed offensive and/or inappropriate by the judging panel will be removed and disqualified without notice.

Winners will receive their prize from the Organizer, within 1 month from the date of announcement.

Macao Government Tourism Office & HalalZilla reserves the right to use the winners’ names and/or photographs for purposes of publicity, advertising and/or trade without further compensation. HalalZilla’s decision on all matters relating to this promotion is final and no further correspondence will be entertained. HalalZilla is not, nor shall be held, responsible for any technical malfunction in connection to this promotion.

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