Discover Why Muslim-Friendly New Zealand is Perfect to Visit All Year Round

New Zealand is known for its stunning landscapes and kind locals. From heading to the mountains or going for a swim by the lake, there’s something for everyone here. Anytime is a good time to visit New Zealand and here’s a list of what you can expect for each season!

Do bear in mind that the further up north you are, the warmer the temperature gets. The north generally experiences sub-tropical weather with temperatures as low as 10℃. However, if you travel down south, the temperature decreases and the climate changes drastically. The inland alpine areas here often boast frigid temperatures of 0℃ and below.

Summer (December-February)

southern hemisphere new zealand

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, summers in New Zealand take place either towards the end or beginning of the year like their Australian counterpart. Summer is essentially the best time to visit New Zealand if you’re into spending time at the beach! You will definitely need some sand and sea to cool yourself down as temperatures in New Zealand can go up to almost 40℃!

bay of islands new zealand
Image credit: Visit Bay of Islands

One of the best places to head to during summer is Paihia, Bay of Islands. This town, far up north, boasts gorgeous coastlines and islands as its name suggests. Paihia has many activities suited for travellers of any age. You should take a cruise out and try spotting wild migrational dolphins, seals and even whales!

new zealand whales
Image credit: Fullers Great Sights

There are also many water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking for you to attempt. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try parasailing! You’ll be gliding in the sky while having a birds-eye view of the entire coast.

Autumn (March-May)

muslim friendly new zealand autumn

Autumn is probably the best time to visit New Zealand! Golden leaves start sprouting at every turn and the temperature is not blistering hot, with maximum temperatures around 21℃.

new zealand
Image credit: Garelja Bros Strawberry Gardens

Autumn is the best time to head for fruit-picking sessions too. There are many farms which allow you to pick your own fresh fruit and bring it home for a small fee. Fruits like blueberries, grapes, kiwis and feijoas are best harvested during this season!

waiheke new zealand
Image credit: Visit Waiheke

However, with sunny weather and cooling temperatures, it’s best to spend time taking long cooling hikes or walks outdoors. Try heading to this charming island called Waiheke, less than an hour away from Auckland. There are countless hikes you can take, depending on the distance and duration you want to invest in.

Winter (June-August)

winter new zealand

It’s best to head right down south while experiencing winter, and get as close as you can to Antarctica! In fact, there are flights and cruises which can bring you to Antarctica from New Zealand itself.

The best thing to do during winter is to try your hand at skiing! With frosts and heavy snowfall, ski season in New Zealand is world class. Head to Queenstown or Wanaka, where you’ll find four international-grade ski fields in close proximity to one another.

coronot peak new zealand
Image credit: Coronet Peak

However, don’t worry if you’re entirely new to skiing, they do have places specifically for newbies! Tip: Try heading to the Remarkable of Coronet Peak, where they have areas dedicated for skiers who are just starting out.

matariki festival new zealand
Image credit: Matariki Festival

Another good thing to catch in the month of June is the Matariki Festival held throughout New Zealand. Known to the Maoris as the new year, the Matariki Festival is rich in tradition. Events are carried out so that the Maoris are able to share their stories and culture with the community. Cultural performances, sharing sessions of their myths and legends, cooking demos and a crafting workshop are just some of the things you can expect.

Spring (September-November)

Spring is when the days are longer and the weather starts warming up, spring is also one of the best times to experience the outdoors without having the sun beating down on you.

hobbiton new zealand
Image credit: Hobbiton Movie Set

One of the best places to be in during spring is Waikato. Teeming with nature and wildlife, Waikato is a good place to head to for family-friendly adventures. Start your trip at the renowned Hobbiton Movie Set. Other than offering daily tours of the set, you can also opt for a farm stay! This experience will be an unforgettable experience for everyone, even the kids.

waitomo glow worm caves
Image credit: Waitomo Glow Worms

Another fun activity you can only do in Waitomo? Visit the glowworm caves! Considered to be a New Zealand native, these worms radiate like stars in the dark cave. Paired with an experienced guide, you’ll definitely be star-struck (pun intended).

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With all these fun-filled activities planned throughout the year, there’s no reason why New Zealand shouldn’t be on your bucket list! With a little something to keep everyone satisfied all year-round, New Zealand is still one of the best family-friendly places to head to.  

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