10 Halal Snacks in Malaysia Everyone Should Try!

If you had to pick what Malaysia is most renowned for, its food wouldn’t be too far off the top of the list. You might already know Malaysia is home to some of the most delicious food dishes in Asia, but that’s not all.

Malaysia also has plenty of mouth-watering snacks. In this blog, we’re going to share with you 10 halal snacks from Malaysia that you need to try. Trust us, you won't regret them.

Let's get started!

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1. Koh Kae Peanuts


Image credit: Koh Kae Malaysia

The Koh Kae Peanuts aren't your average peanuts. These are crunchy coated peanuts that come in different flavours, such as tom yum, chicken, coconut cream and more.

They are addictive and perfect for snacking on the go for tourists and locals alike. You can easily find them in most convenience stores and supermarkets all over Malaysia.

2. Mister Potato

Image credit: Mister Potato

Fresh and all-natural. That is what the iconic Mister Potato's potato chips represent. Its chips are well-known for their crunchy texture and a variety of flavours which include original, BBQ, sour cream and onion, cheese, and many more.

Mister Potato is also halal-certified and gluten-free, making it a must-have snack in Malaysia for anytime.

3. MAMA Instant Noodles

Image credit: Mama Global

Now, who doesn't love instant noodles? MAMA Instant Noodles are a popular snack among students, busy adults, and tourists alike in Malaysia.

Quick, easy, and packed with flavour, they're perfect for a quick meal or a midnight snack.

Top Tip: Mama Instant Noodles’ Tom Yam flavor is a must-try with its delightful blend of spice and sourness.

4. Kuih

Image credit: Ajinomoto Malaysia

The colourful and delicious Kuih is a classic Malaysian snack, which you'll find in almost every Malaysian event, household or corporate.

The delicious snack is made from a combination of coconut milk, rice flour, and pandan leaves. Kuih also comes in a variety of different flavours and forms, but they are all very sweet and crunchy.

5. Merry Ice Cream

Image credit: Merry Ice Cream

Moving on to something sweet and cold, we have Merry Ice Cream. This isn't your typical ice cream as it comes in unique local flavours like Durian and Red Bean.

All you really need to know about the famous Merry Ice Cream is that it is very creamy and is the perfect way to beat the Malaysian heat.

6. Choki Choki

Image credit: Choki Choki Malaysia

If you spend enough time in Malaysia, it’s almost certain that you’ll fall in love with the delightful Choki Choki.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to the childhood favourite snack of millions of Malaysians, Choki Choki is basically chocolate paste in a tube.

You can squeeze it onto bread, or be like most of us and enjoy it straight from the tube!

7. Apollo Wafers

Image credit: Teong heng trading

Thin, crispy wafers layered with delicious cream – what's not to love?

Apollo Wafers is another classic snack in Malaysia that you should definitely check out. They come in various flavours, but the chocolate and vanilla ones are timeless favourites.

Apollo Wafers are perfect for a light snack or to accompany your afternoon tea.

8. Jelly Cups

Image credit: Kuroda Malaysia

Jelly Cups are small, fruity, and wobbly – a fun snack, especially for the kids (or the kid in you).

They come in a variety of flavours and are perfect for a quick, sweet treat. Jelly Cups now come under many different labels.

We recommend you try a few of them out to pick your favourite. Just be careful when you're popping them out of the cup – they can be slippery!

9. Signature Market

Image credit: Signature Market

If you’re one who loves snacking but is also very diet conscious, Signature Market’s healthy Malaysian snacks are just for you.

Signature Market has a range of different snacks, from nuts and dried fruits to wholesome granolas. You can find their snacks from almost any supermarket or a convenience store.

They also have very cute snack gift boxes which are a perfect gift for any occasions you may have to attend.

10. Wheel Biscuits

Image credit: Kian Hin Trading

Last but not least, we have the traditional Wheel Biscuits. If you ask any Malaysian about the Wheel Biscuit, they’re almost guaranteed to feel nostalgic.

Wheel Biscuits are fun, wagon-wheel-shaped biscuits with a sweet cream filling. They're light, crunchy, and just the right amount of sweet. A perfect Malaysian snack for you to try.

How To Check Halal Certification? 

We understand how important halal certification is for Muslims. Halal certification is the process that determines the compliance of products and services to the Islamic standards. 

Here are a few things you should check out for to confirm the halal nature of what you’re consuming:

  • Halal logo on the packaging

  • Visiting the Manufacturer's website

  • Checking the ingredients list


There you have it –  our 10 favourite halal snacks from Malaysia. 

Whether you're a local or a traveller, make sure to give these snacks a try and perhaps even explore other snacking options in Malaysia. 

Feel free to let us know which is your favourite snack from our list, or if we have missed out any of your favourites.

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Thumbnail image credit (leftmost - centre): Loong Yik Enterprise | Shopee; Merry Ice Cream | Facebook

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