Japan to Impose Mount Fuji Climbing Fee to Tackle Overtourism

Climbers will have to pay a tourist fee to access the popular Yoshida trail on Mount Fuji in Japan starting 1 Jul 2024. The exact fee amount will be disclosed in February. Read on to learn more about the new Mount Fuji climbing fee.

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Everything we know about the new Mount Fuji climbing fee

mount fuji tourist fee

Image credit: lee Hans

This new policy comes because Mount Fuji faces an over-tourism problem, having become increasingly popular with tourists in recent years. The fee aims to strengthen climber safety, prevent overcrowding, and tackle a worsening littering problem. 

The fee from tourist climbers will help fund improved safety measures on Mount Fuji, such as the construction of shelters meant to be used in the event of a volcanic eruption. The fee will also be used for the maintenance of Mount Fuji.

In addition to the Mount Fuji climbing fee, there are other anti-overcrowding regulations that will soon take effect. For one, there will be a daily limit of 4,000 climbers on Mount Fuji. Climbers will also be prohibited from starting their climb between 4pm to 2am. 

Mount Fuji follows the footsteps of other popular mountains in the world, such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest, that already charge a climbing fee.

Featured image credit: Pixabay | Pexels

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