Kelantan’s New RM28 Million Mosque Set to Resemble Great Mosque of Mecca

Set to be completed in a few months, Kelantan’s Masjid Razaleigh in Gua Musang will resemble The Great Mosque of Mecca. The nine towers, each 30 metres high, stand majestically around the mosque, similar to the ones at Masjidil Haram. 

Those who enter the mosque will get a similar feeling of entering Masjidil Haram. However, instead of performing prayers in front of the Ka’aba, the congregation will face the Qibla (direction for Muslims to pray) from the open courtyard.

Its development committee chairman, Mr Abdul Aziz Yusoff, said the mosque was undergoing its finishing touches and will be able to accommodate at least 3,000 people when completed. The mosque began construction in 2016 and costs about RM28 million to build.

Image credit: Yayasan Al-Khalifah

“The project is funded by the federal government for the people of Gua Musang. The 70,000-sq-ft mosque uses only local materials. Generally, some of the structures mirror Masjidil Haram, especially the towers, domes and the King Abdul Aziz prayer courtyard, which is the main praying area,” said Mr Abdul Aziz.

It is said that there will be a small structure (like the Ka’aba) built. This will be used by those who plan to practise Haj rituals. Other facilities include computer rooms, library, toilets, parking areas, halls and a room specifically for the Imam.

Image credit: Yayasan Al-Khalifah

Local residents describe the mosque as a landmark worthy of attracting visitors from around the globe. This will in turn boost the district’s tourism industry.

Other netizens have questioned if the costs incurred could have been better allocated to more pertinent issues such as clean water and state development for the rakyat (community). What are your thoughts?

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