How This Natural Muslim-Friendly Hair Care Solution Unlocked My Hair’s True Potential FR!

I used to think shampoo and conditioner were the only ultimate pair to keep my hair healthy and bouncy. Well, I wasn't wrong, but I wasn't 100% right either. Just like your car which runs on fuel and still needs regular servicing, your hair also needs its own 'quality maintenance' to retain its strength and beauty.

Forget glass slippers and fairy godmothers; the secret to unlocking my true potential was hiding among my IG stories all along! I've been following this acclaimed Singapore hair & scalp care centre: Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, for a while but never really bothered to pay attention to their content. Until one day, I accidentally clicked on their IG story and decided to give them a try. The rest is history.

So, buckle up because I'm about to spill the tea on how the magical and Muslim-friendly solution from Beijing 101 unleashed my hair's true potential, one luscious lock at a time.

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Beijing 101: Everything you need to know about this hair care expert

Before we get into details of my hair refinement journey, let me introduce you to this top-notch hair care centre: Beijing 101. The brand has flourished for over 50 years (and counting) with an unwavering commitment to helping customers regain self-confidence via effective hair and scalp treatments.

The treatments are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which means they are formulated with premium-grade Chinese herbs, working to restore balance for optimal hair growth. Did I mention they also provide a private room for Muslimah coming to their salon? All the more reason to experience the treatment for yourself!

The upgrade I didn’t know I needed

The enlightenment

muslim friendly hair solution

Before the treatment session began, a Beijing 101 scalp specialist helped identify if any significant issues were going on with my scalp. From the scan, she immediately told me that I had dandruff, a dry scalp, and a little bit of a hair loss problem.

I can attest to the third problem as I clearly remembered how I saw a hair tumbleweed rolling across my room and spent the next 15 minutes sweeping, only to find more strands of hair seemingly mocking me. But the dandruff and dry scalp parts were something new to me. So, let’s get them treated!

The natural and Muslim-friendly Hair Growth Regen Treatment begins!

Step 1: Scalp Purification Treatment

muslim friendly hair solution

After the much-needed consultation, my Hair Growth Regen treatment began with a scalp purification session. This step utilised a mild and side-effect-free formula that effectively removed accumulated oil, dirt, and bacteria from my scalp. The customised formula was made of anti-inflammatory willow bark extract, aloe vera for a calming effect, and lactobacillus ferment that helps dissolve grease.

Step 2: Meridian Hair Wash

muslim friendly hair solution

The Meridian Hair Wash was the third best part of this treatment (we’ll talk about the first and second later)! Plus, it’s very reassuring knowing they were applying high-quality products made of premium Chinese herbs such as ginseng, he shou wu, and dang gui on your scalp. I still remember the relaxing sensation during the hair wash — it was super pleasant; I almost slept through it!

Step 3: Medi Air Jet + DHT Ampoule

muslim friendly hair solution

The next step was the Medi Air Jet, which is a non-invasive treatment using high-pressure air to deliver the DHT ampoule directly into the scalp for rapid product penetration. The hair specialist specially selected the DHT Ampoule to tackle my hair loss concerns.

muslim friendly hair solution

FYI, the specialist also remarked that the selected ampoule contains Saw Palmetto and Biotinyl Tripeptide, which help to maintain scalp health and promote blood supply to my hair follicles! At that point, I was excited to know what was coming next.

Step 4: Meridian Scalp Massage

And here comes the second best part of the treatment process: the Meridian Scalp Massage! I felt instant relief when the massage started.

It works on specific acupoints which help to dredge meridians and loosen clustered nodules on my head. The specialist also mentioned how the massage brings various health benefits, including improved sleep and tension relief.

Step 5: Alpha Hair Beam

The last step of the treatment was the Alpha Hair Beam, a low-level laser therapy which utilises up to 27 laser diodes to enhance vasodilator effect for better scalp health. Fret not! They’re non-invasive and certified by the FDA. So rest assured you won’t feel anything during the process.

This laser therapy also helps to stimulate hair growth and revitalise damaged hair. Wondering how long this lasted? The answer is 20 minutes!

Visible Results in just one treatment

Then came the moment of truth, which was also the best thing that happened on the day — the results of the Hair Growth Regen treatment was readily visible! I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves:

My irritated scalp looked cleaner, and my hair felt much lighter and silkier than before the treatment. All this in just one session? I’d willingly do it all over again!

My honest review

Overall, the two-and-a-half-hour personalised treatment effectively addressed my dry scalp condition while optimising my hair growth through a holistic and TCM-inspired approach. I love the fact that it’s super relaxing and makes me feel refreshed throughout the treatment.

Also, I had a pleasant time learning more about my hair and scalp thanks to the simple yet insightful explanation from the experts. What’s more, the use of advanced technology truly complements the traditional formulations – this makes the treatment even more worthwhile and convincing.

A week has passed since the treatment, and the state of my scalp and hair has never been better. I noticed that I didn’t scratch my head as much, and sometimes I had a hard time (in a good way) putting on a headband as my hair was as silky as a satin pillowcase! What about the hair tumbleweed rolling on the floor? Nope. Never seen it. Not in the past seven days.

Tldr — I highly recommend everyone to opt for Beijing 101’s Hair Growth Regen treatment. You won’t regret it!

PS: You can get this treatment for just $50 during their limited promo period! Not just that, they’ll also treat you to their special Anti Hair Loss DHT Ampoule worth $208 during the treatment. I’ve tried it, and it worked wonders!

Click here or WhatsApp Beijing 101 to enjoy this limited-time promotion and treat yourself to the next best self-care routine you didn’t know you needed.

*T&Cs: This offer is only valid for first-time customers aged 21 and above. Those aged 20 and below must strictly be accompanied by a parent or guardian during treatment.

For the latest info and updates on Beijing 101’s promo and hair care treatment, visit their Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

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