5 Latest Halal Travel Apps Every Muslim Should Have

Travelling as a Muslim can get tricky. Finding halal food, knowing the Qibla direction for prayer, and ensuring the correct prayer times can all add different layers of challenges. However, there are now several apps, some proclaiming to be halal apps, which have made traveling much easier for Muslims. Here are 5 essential halal travel apps that every Muslim traveller should have on their smartphones, to make their journeys smoother and more fulfilling. 

Best Halal Travel Apps for Muslim Travellers

1. Verify Halal

halal travel apps verify halal
Image credit: Verify Halal

One of the biggest challenges for Muslim travellers is finding halal food. When you’re travelling, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the local cuisine, but you also don’t want to eat something that is not permissible in Islam. That’s why you need Verify Halal, an app that helps you verify the halal status of any food product or restaurant. 

What it does:

Verify Halal allows you to scan the barcode of any food product and see its halal certification, ingredients, and allergens. You can also search for halal certified restaurants near you or anywhere in the world, and see their menus, reviews, and ratings. In addition to that, you can even filter your search by cuisine, price, and distance on the app. 

2. Prayerly

prayerly halal travel apps
Image credit: Vishan F

Another challenge for Muslim travellers is finding the time to pray. You don’t want to miss your daily prayers, but you also don’t want to miss your flight, tour, or activity. Prayerly is one such app that can help you plan your prayers around your travel schedule.

What it does:

Prayerly calculates the prayer times for any location in the world, based on your preferred calculation method and school of thought. Moreover, the app offers detailed statistics, helping you track your prayer consistency

The app’s interactive functionalities also allow users to set reminders and notifications for each prayer, so they never miss a prayer when travelling. Furthermore, Prayerly also has a very engaging interface, subsequently encouraging Muslims to remain consistent with their prayers irrespective of the chaos that oftentimes gets associated with travelling. 

3. WhereHalal

halal travel apps where halal
Image credit: WhereHalal Official Facebook Page

Another one of the must-download halal travel apps is WhereHalal. It connects you with highly-rated halal restaurants, cafes, and even halal-friendly hotels around the globe. When travelling as a Muslim. you wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel that doesn’t respect Islamic values and needs. 

What it does:

WhereHalal is a platform that connects Muslim travellers with halal-friendly accommodation providers. You can browse through thousands of properties in over 100 countries, and see their features, facilities, and policies. 

You can also filter your search by price, rating, location, and also read reviews from other Muslim travellers who have stayed there before. To sum it up, by downloading WhereHalal on your phone when travelling, rest assured knowing that your accommodation will be comfortable and Muslim-friendly. 

4. Google Translate

google translate
Image credit: Google Play

Navigating new places can be exciting, but language barriers can add a layer of stress for not only Muslim, but all travellers. The Google Translate app can help bridge this gap, helping tourists overcome language barriers. 

What it does:

Google Translate is a powerful tool that can translate over 100 languages in various ways. You can type or speak what you want to translate, or use your camera to scan text or images.

In addition to that, you can also download languages for offline use, or use the conversation mode to have a bilingual dialogue with someone. With Google Translate, Muslim travellers can ensure basic communication with locals while travelling. 

5. Skyscanner

Image credit: Skyscanner

Finding the most affordable options for transportation, lodging, and sightseeing is no short of a challenge for all travellers, and Muslim tourists are no different. Skyscanner is one app that makes organising a trip highly efficient and cost-effective. 

What it does:

Skyscanner works by utilizing its advanced algorithms and extensive database to compare flight prices, hotel rates, and car hire options from various providers. This technology scans through a multitude of websites and booking systems in real-time, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date information and the best possible deals. 

We believe that travel shouldn’t necessarily have to break the bank, and Skyscanner is one such app that you certainly need to have on your phone if you feel the same. 

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the halal apps that we feel every Muslim traveller should have on their phone. These apps are bound to help you overcome the common challenges of travelling as a Muslim, and make your travel experience more fun and fulfilling.

From finding halal food, staying consistent with your prayers and overcoming language barriers, these apps can cater to all your unique travel needs as a Muslim tourist, consequently making your travel experiences all the more enjoyable and memorable. 

Give these halal travel apps a try and let us know how you feel about them! 

Bonus Tip: Also consider downloading apps specific to your destination for more insightful cultural insights and local recommendations. Research and download them before you go to enhance your travel experience even further.

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