How To Find Inner Peace As A Muslim

“Truly, in remembering God do hearts find rest.”[13:28]

Islam is the religion of peace. We all know that. We have been taught that since young, and have been sharing to our peers when asked. True inner peace is found by submitting to Him, and while this has been taught to us and repeated to us constantly, it might be difficult for Muslim millennials to achieve just that without putting in the extra effort. 

Due to the constant challenges we face in this modern world, there is no step-by-step handbook to overcoming peer pressures of social media or stress from the daily struggles of school and work. How then do we achieve inner peace if we don’t know exactly the kind of effort we need to put in?

How do we define peace?

Peace has various definitions — the period where there isn’t any war, tranquility, calmness. Such a powerful word with endless definitions, synonyms do not even come close to the gist of what the word actually means. True to all of its meanings, the word is that and more.
Inner peace is just the same. It’s the state of tranquility and calm within oneself. You’re not at war with yourself. Your heart, mind and soul are one. There’s a sense of increased clarity from within.

“…and making peace is better.” [4:128]

With reference to Islam’s philosophy, “peace” in itself is derived from the root word of Islam. “Salaam” is the Arabic word for peace and denotes “submission to God, accepting His authority as well as obeying His orders”. Interestingly, even one of God’s 99 names is As-Salaam.

In essence, a Muslim is one who is under the refuge and peaceful shade of Islam. The Quran also asks that all of mankind embrace peace and be messengers of peace throughout the world in today’s volatile world. 

Balance and happiness in relation to peace

How can we physically define peace? Peace can be moments of quiet and stillness, but it can also be an active state – a state where the mind, heart and body are in balance.

There’s a correlation between coherence and the ability to think, act and decision-make. The most common obstacle that stands between inner peace and us is stress. Our mental, emotional, and physical stressors push us further away from achieving inner peace. 

If we get what our mind thinks, what our heart wants and what our body feels all in line, we strike a proper balance in our lives. And when there is a balance, we feel put together and contented, and most importantly, happy. True to popular belief, happiness and peace are hand-in-hand.

Achieving individual inner peace

Everyone’s journey to achieving their individual inner peace is different from everyone else. No two paths are the same, and it can be a lifelong journey. It’s a spiritual expedition you go on your own, with a few helping hands from your loved ones. The desire of inner peace should be a part of our deen, and in achieving that tranquil, peaceful state, will we be better human beings and worshippers to Him.

There are some tips to achieving this tranquil state and they include being consistent and sincere in one’s prayers, dhikr, reading the Quran regularly, frequently seeking forgiveness as well as constantly expressing one’s gratitude. At the end of the day, when we seek to remember our Creator, He will remember us.

“And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.” [50:16]

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