Google’s Qibla Finder App Points to Mecca’s Direction Easily

When Muslims pray, the direction must face the holy Ka’aba in the Grand Mosque of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Better known as the Qibla, all Muslims will face this fixed direction when performing their prayers regardless of where they are in the world. This might be challenging for those that travel often, as the direction changes based on the person’s exact location.

If you are a Muslim who desires absolute accuracy when praying, Google has just the right solution for you – the Qibla Finder. In essence, it is a web app that uses the latest in augmented reality to direct you to the exact location to face.

The app uses the location of the Ka’aba (Latitude: 21.4224779, Longitude: 39.8251832) and the user’s current location through the smartphone camera, to calculate the most direct route and the exact distance.

All you have to do is simply hold up your smartphone and move it around in search of the Qibla. An illustration of the Ka’aba will be shown indicating the direction. Bid farewell to all those inaccurate compass apps!

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