Halal Food in Toronto

Halal Food in Toronto – Believe it or not, Toronto, Canada is home to a large population of Muslims, locals and expats alike. Because of that, this lovely city with unlimited attractions and sceneries has become such a halal foodie heaven.

Just a few hours drive from New York, Toronto has a bit of everything for everyone. Here are some accessible halal eateries when you get hungry exploring this great city. 

1. Bamiyan Kabob

Image credit: Bamiyan Kabob

Choose from a range of kabob options at Bamiyan Kabob. Serving Afghan food, they have everything from mouth-watering chopan kabob to the spicy chapli kabob. Want it with rice? Don’t worry, they got you covered. Alternatively, you can have it as a wrap too!

Address: EAST YORK, 62 Overlea Blvd #3a, East York, ON M4H 1C4, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 11am to 11pm; Sun, 12pm to 10pm

2. Mushkaki

Image credit: Mushkaki Facebook

Serving East African food that ranges from meat skewers to sandwiches and burgers, Mushkaki is a contemporary halal eatery at the heart of Toronto. Get your East African cuisine with a Western twist right here!

Address: 145 Rexdale Blvd #1, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1P6, Canada
Opening hours: 11.30am to 11pm daily

3. Paramount Fine Foods

Image credit: Falls View Resort

With multiple outlets scattered around in just this city itself, Paramount Fine Foods is second to none! Known to be one of the best halal eateries in the city, this chain of restaurants oozes a special kind of ambience that is suitable for both family-friendly lunch and a romantic dinner.

Address: 85 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B8, Canada
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Address: 253 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1N8, Canada
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Address: 1250 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5R 2B1, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs, 10am to 10pm; Fri, 10am to 11pm; Sat, 9am to 11pm; Sun, 9am to 10pm

4. Baba Geddo

Image credit: Baba Geddo Facebook

Alcohol-free and definitely halal, Baba Geddo serves Egyptian cuisine with a slight twist. Serving the classic shawarma and falafel, one of their specialties is their delicious tacos! Don’t forget to order the nachos while you’re here!

Address: 525 University Ave #4, Toronto, ON M5G 2L3, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 10am to 5pm; Sat – Sun, 10am to 3pm

5. The Halal Guys

Image credit: Halal Guys Toronto Facebook

No one can forget The Halal Guys. They’re all around the world, and they definitely did not miss out Toronto. Their reputation precedes them, and their quality of meat and dishes are top notch! 

Address: 563 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z2, Canada
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11am to 12am; Fri – Sat, 11am to 2am

6. Steak and Cheese Factory

Image credit: Steak and Cheese Factory Facebook

Located near Casa Loma, the Steak and Cheese Factory is famous amongst locals and tourists, Muslims and non-Muslims alike! Oozing cheese in the middle of their meat patties to their signature local Canadian dish, the poutine, this is not to be missed!

Address: 50 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5B 1J6, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Wed, 11am to 12am; Thu, 11am to 2am; Fri – Sun, 11am to 4am

7. Palms Shawarma 

Image credit: Palms Shawarma Facebook

Heading to Niagara Falls and need a food stop? Palms Shawarma is conveniently located near the attraction. Serving Medeterranian cuisine, this eatery has quality meat dishes and amazing service! What’s more, it’s so affordable!

Address: 6734 Lundy’s Ln unit 4, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1V5, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 10.30am to 10pm; Fri, 10.30am to 11pm; Sat, 11.30am to 11pm; Sun, 11.30am to 10pm

8. Affy’s Premium Grill

Image credit: Affy’s Premium Grill

Just thinking about their tender juicy steaks can make anyone drool. Affy’s Premium Grill serves fresh halal meat, and pride themselves in their quality dishes and excellent hospitality. Even though they’re slightly on the pricier side, it’s worth every penny.

Address: 55 Lebovic Avenue 103 101 – 103 #101, Scarborough, ON M1L 4V9, Canada
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 12pm to 10pm; Fri – Sat, 12pm to 11pm

9. Pizza la Rosa

Image credit: Pizza la Rosa Facebook

Who can say no to Italian food? Pizza la Rosa is a halal Italian eatery that, as you can tell by the name, serves pizza. But not just that, they have other dishes on their menu like pasta, burgers and sandwiches. 

Address: 2555 Victoria Park Ave #19, Scarborough, ON M1T 1A3, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11am to 12am; Sat – Sun, 12pm to 12am

10. Burger Factory

Image credit: @taseofmississauga via Burger Factory Facebook

You do not want to miss out on the scrumptious burgers at The Burger Factory. Not only are their dishes of excellent quality, they’re served in a generous quantities. Try out their funnel cakes that you can only get in Canada. That is, if you still have room after the big meal!

Address: 265 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4, Canada
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11am to 11pm; Fri – Sat, 11am to 4am

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11. Sukhothai

Image credit: Sukhothai Facebook

Known as the halal Thai eatery in all of Toronto, Sukothai never fails to serve authentic mouth-watering Thai cuisines right in the heart of the city. When in doubt, go for their unique dishes like the Penang Salmon. You won’t be disappointed!

Address: 490 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1H7, Canada
Opening hours: Tues – Sat, 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm; Sun, 3pm to 9pm; closed on Mondays

Address: 274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A4, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm; closed on Sundays

Address: 52 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C7, Canada
Opening hours: Tues – Sat, 11.30am to 2.30pm, 4pm to 10.30pm; Sun, 5pm to 10pm; closed on Mondays

12. Teriyaki Experience

Image credit: Teriyaki Experience

Heading to Wonderland and in need of a halal eatery for lunch? Go over to Teriyaki Experience where they serve halal Japanese food. Satisfy your sushi cravings and achieve your bento experience at this amazing joint!

Address: 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 10am to 9pm; Sun 11am to 7pm

13. Burgernator

Image credit: @tburgernator

No one can get enough of juicy, delicious, fresh burgers. The Burgernator produces just that, and more! Generous with their sauces, portions and friendly service, no one has left this eatery with an empty stomach or a frown on their faces.

Address: 269 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M1, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 11am to 10pm; Sun, 11am to 9pm

14. Pizza Land Halal Restaurant

Image credit: Pizza Land Halal

Heading to the Botanical Gardens in Toronto? Well, we have some good news. There’s a halal eatery nearby! Pop by Pizza Land Halal Restaurant just around the corner to get your pizza fix. But if you’re not all that into getting a heavy meal, dig into heir signature BBQ or honey sauce chicken wings!

Address: 1801 Lawrence Ave E #4, Scarborough, ON M1R 2X9, Canada
Opening hours: Mon, Wed & Thu, 10am to 11pm; Fri, 11am to 11pm; Sat, 12pm to 11pm; Sun, 12pm to 10pm; closed on Tuesdays

15. The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles

Image credit: @dirtybirdto

It might sound unconventional at first when someone tells you to eat wings on waffles. I mean, who even does that? Apparently, The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles does, and they do it amazingly! Right by Kensington Market, this is an eatery not to be missed!

Address: 79 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2, Canada
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11am to 8pm; Fri – Sat, 11am to 10pm

16. Gourmet Malaysia

Image credit: Gourmet Malaysia Facebook

Craving for some Malaysian food, or for some of us, some home comfort food? Toronto surprises once again with their own halal Malaysian restaurant, Gourmet Malaysia. Serving authentic halal Malaysian cuisine, get everything from fried rice to noodles right here.

Address: 4466 Sheppard Ave E #101, Scarborough, ON M1S 1V2, Canada
Opening hours: Tue – Thu, 11am to 10.30pm; Fri – Sat, 11am to 11.30pm; closed on Sundays

17. Sheherzade Persian Grill

Tired of burgers and fries? Head over to Sheherzade Persian Grill for some Persian street food amidst Arabian Nights-inspired decoration. Sometimes a change of pace is all we need, and this eatery does just that!

Address: 422 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T3, Canada
Opening hours: Thu & Sun, 5pm to 9pm; Fri – Sat, 5pm to 10pm; closed Mon – Wed

18. China Cottage

Curious as to how Hakka and Thai food fusion tastes like? Head over to China Cottage and try their amazing halal meat dishes. Even though alcohol is served here, their meat is 100% halal.

Address: 80 Ellesmere Rd #11, Scarborough, ON M1R 4C2, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 11.30am to 10pm; Fri, 11.30am to 11pm; Sat, 12pm to 11pm; Sun, 12pm to 10pm

19. Sahan Restaurant

Image credit: Sahan Restaurant Facebook

Originally opened for the less fortunate, Sahan Restaurant has become a famous halal eatery that serves Somali cuisine. With a menu that includes goat ribs, chicken stew and steak, you’re in for a treat!

Address: 2010 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z1, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 10am to 10pm; Sat – Sun, 10am to 11pm

20. Cinnamon Indian Bistro

Image credit: Cinnamon Indian Bistro

Nothing can go wrong with Indian food. Get your fix at this halal eatery serving delicious authentic halal Indian cuisine, Cinnamon Indian Bistro. Decked with a slightly fancier setting, this place is perfect for treating yourself. Plus, the quality of food is like no other!

Address: 1966 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H8, Canada
Opening hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm daily

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21. Faley’s Restaurant

Image credit: Faley’s Restaurant Facebook

Head over to Faley’s Restaurant for a taste of Indian-style Chinese cuisine with halal meats in a simple strip-mall setting. If western dishes are all you’ve been eating, mix it up a little and pop by this unique eatery, you won’t regret it!

Address: 62 Overlea Blvd, East York, ON M4H 1C4, Canada
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11.30am to 11pm; Sat, 12pm to 11pm; closed on Sundays

22. Toppings

Image credit: Toppings Facebook

Priding themselves as the best pizza joint in the Greater Toronto Area, Toppings is a laid-back option that serves up pizza, burgers and wings by the pound. This halal eatery is very affordable and is a good place for a dinner gathering with friends or a family lunch!

Address: 1285 Elgin Mills Rd E #16, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 0B5, Canada
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11am to 9pm; Fri – Sat, 11am to 11pm

23. Eddies Wok n Roll

Their interior decoration is enough to reel you in. Eddies Wok n Roll serves Hakka Chinese stir-fry and Thai curries using only halal meat. This restaurant is extremely famous amongst locals and foreigners alike.

Address: 6400 Millcreek Dr #6, Mississauga, ON L5N 3E7, Canada

Opening hours: Mon, 11.30am to 9.30pm; Wed – Thu, 11.30am to 10pm; Fri, 11.30am to 10.30pm; Sat, 12pm to 10.30pm; Sun, 12pm to 9.30pm; closed on Tuesdays

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