5 Hair Care Hacks Every Hijabi Needs to Achieve Healthy Locks

Hair care hacks for hijabi – In Islam, women wear hijabs as a way to maintain modesty. But have you ever considered looking at its benefits from a haircare standpoint? On top of fulfilling God’s commandment, a hijab protects long locks from natural elements such as the wind, sun, and rain. Yet, even with the added protection, the heat from covering one’s hair for extended periods of time makes it prone to oiliness and itchiness.

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Hijab or no hijab, taking care of your hair should be an important part of your daily grind! The secret to healthy, luscious locks is a good hair care routine; and every hijabi should know all the tricks to keep their mane in tip-top shape even underneath their headscarves! Without further ado, here are a few easy-to-follow hair care hacks for our hijabi sisters.

1. Washing your hair the right way

hair hacks hijab
Image credit: Topp Care Hair Solutions Facebook Page

Let’s start with the basics of hair care. You’ve washed your hair many times before — how could you possibly get it wrong? However, there’s a good chance you aren’t doing it right! Don’t be alarmed, though; we’re pretty sure you aren’t the only one struggling with a supposedly easy task. Good news: That can change with these tips and tricks for washing your hair the correct way!

How often should I wash my hair?

First off, it’s important to know your hair type to determine your ideal frequency of washes. While there is no blanket recommendation, a hair care specialist at Topp Care Hair Solutions recommends those with oily scalp that’s prone to dandruff to wash their hair at least once a day.

Contrary to popular belief, those with dry hair should also wash their hair daily. The nourishing ingredients from the hair products can provide moisture and oil for your dry locks to regain its sheen and texture. If you are blessed with normal hair (sans all the dryness or oiliness), you have the luxury of washing it using hair products twice or thrice a week. 

How much pressure should I be applying to my scalp?

Secondly, you should avoid scratching your scalp with your fingernails no matter how shiok it can be. This can actually damage your hair follicles and disrupt the scalp’s natural barrier. Instead, use the soft pads of your fingertips to gently massage shampoo into the scalp in small circular movements. Not only is it less damaging, it also helps to stimulate the scalp to promote blood flow.

HZ tip: There are plenty of scalp massagers and hair tools out there that will help you scrub your head the safe and right way. When in doubt, consult the hair specialists at Topp Care. They would know what’s good for your mane!

How important is hair conditioning?

Lastly, it’s a good idea to condition your hair but bear in mind to only concentrate on the ends. The ends of your hair are usually the driest, making it prone to breakage. As such, doing so helps to lock moisture in your thirsty tresses while softening them. Also, avoid conditioning your scalp at all costs. You do not want to make the roots of your hair oilier than they naturally are. That could lead to a greasy mess that causes itchiness, dandruff, and even hair fall.

2. Prepping your hair before putting on your hijab

hair hacks hijab

Are you one of those guilty of donning your hijab straight out of the shower regardless of whether it’s damp or soaking wet? That is a big no-no! Before you tie your scarf pleasingly to conceal your hair and elevate your beauty, there are a handful of things you can do to maintain your hair’s health while underneath your hijab:

  • Always dry your hair thoroughly before putting on your hijab! The enclosed environment from wearing a hijab can clog your hair follicles, making room for funky odour to develop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Start off by towel drying your hair ro remove excess water and move on to a blow dryer to de-frizz your locks. 
  • Set your hair dryer to a low heat setting to prevent over-drying. Also, maintain a distance of at least 15cm between the blow-dryer and your head. 
  • If you must tie your long hair before securing your headscarf, fasten your locks into a loose ponytail or bun. Don’t pull your hair back tautly! The tighter your style and the longer you wear it, the more stress is placed upon your hair follicles.
  • Ditch your rubbery, elastic hair ties for cloth scrunchies (preferably silk). The additional layer of fabric on a scrunchie will ward off deep kinks and hair breakage.
  • Whenever you can, let your hair loose and scalp breathe, especially when you’re at home.

3. Choosing the right scarf (hijab) material

hair hacks hijab

Ladies, say it with me: The material of your hijab matters! Not only does it have an effect on your style and elegance, it also affects the condition of your hair. As such, pay attention to the fabrics used for your headscarves. The general rule of thumb is to select materials that are breathable. This essentially means that it allows air to flow through the fabrics easily while keeping your hair (and head!) cool. 

Go for fabrics that complement the weather

Ideally, flowy materials such as chiffon, jersey, and satin are suitable for warmer climates like that in Singapore. They are lightweight and airy, aiding in sweat absorption as well. However, when the weather gets cold, you can opt for thicker materials such as pashmina and polyester. They can shield your hair from the harshness of extreme cold. It all boils down to the comfort level each material provides for you so don’t be afraid to play around with them. 

HZ tip: Washing your hijabs and caps regularly is as important as choosing the appropriate fabric! It prevents the accumulation of bacteria, dirt, and other irritants. You can hand wash them with mild detergent and cold water while you’re in the shower to prevent the fabrics from shrinking. 

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4. Determining your hair type

From oily to dry and straight to wavy, no two heads of hair are the same. That’s why it is important to ascertain your hair type for a successful hair journey. Not only will it revolutionise the way you care for your precious locks, it will also help you put a good hair care regimen in place. 

How do I have my hair type properly assessed?

As much as you want to, stay away from determining which category your hair falls into on your own accord (unless you’re a hair care expert). It may not be the most accurate appraisal, just as you might have not been washing your hair the right way all these years! Our top tip? Leave it to the hands of professionals at Topp Care

Topp Care Hair Solutions

There, you can acquire a close-up analysis of your hair that zeroes in on your strands and scalp, coupled with the wealth of knowledge from a hair care specialist. Your hair and scalp conditions are not visible to the naked eye but they greatly affect the hair care routine that is right for you. Through the screencaps, the hair care specialist will make out the density, diameter, porosity, and greasiness levels of your hair — on top of signs of thinning, clogging of follicles, and susceptibility to dandruff.

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Don’t be alarmed if your hair is not as healthy as you believe it to be! You’re better off learning about your hair type and scalp condition than to not know at all. Better late than never, right?

With the comprehensive analysis, the hair care specialist will also share some useful tips you can follow to achieve healthy hair. Believe us, they are all easy-to-follow and only require a few minutes of commitment from your daily hygiene duties. Truly, it helps to uncover the golden rules of good hair care from an expert who is well-aware of your hair type. 

HZ tip: Did you know that your lifestyle choices and habits contribute (e.g. sleeping late and eating oily food) to your hair type? You’ll find out more of these fascinating insights from the hair care specialists at Topp Care when you head down for a scalp analysis! 

5. Getting regular hair treatments

Topp Care Hair Solutions
Image credit: Topp Care Hair Solutions Website

Out of all the hair care hacks for hijabis, this is the one that is often overlooked. Why would you even want to fork out money for hair treatments when your hair is covered most of the time, right? It’s time to banish that misconception and allow us to elucidate how getting regular hair treatments is the icing on the cake for strong, healthy hair.

Make your way to Topp Care to indulge in a total hair care pampering session for better hair days ahead! Trust us, you’ll see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on for neglecting hair treatments all this time.

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Topp Care Hair Solutions, located in the heart of Simei, is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association and US Trichology Institute Certified Hair Specialist. It has a slew of accolades under its belt including Best Signature Hair Treatment at Beauty Insider’s Choice Award. Rest assured, you’ll be in capable hands. 

The hair care centre offers a myriad of treatments tailored to a variety of specific hair issues. From thinning, greying hair and dandruff and oily hair to dry and chemically treated hair, each hair woe is paired with an exact hair treatment that will address clients’ needs.

Your journey to beautiful hair will kickstart with a face-to-face consultation and scalp analysis. Through this, the friendly hair specialist will be able to determine your hair condition and suggest a treatment most suitable for you. Afterward, the most exciting part of the session will commence a thorough 6-step hair treatment! One of our writers had the chance to try the detoxdren treatment, which helps to target excessive sebum production and counter dandruff issues, and she only had good things to share.

A peek into your next hijabi-friendly hair treatment

The first step of the treatment entails deep-cleansing the scalp with a leave-on tonic. This is an important procedure as it gets rid of any buildup of residue coated on your scalp, so as to allow better penetration of nourishing ingredients. It’s similar to skin exfoliation and brings about the same results. 

Once that’s done, a hair masque concocted with a medley of botanical ingredients is massaged into your scalp and left on for a while. Depending on what treatment you’ll be getting, the cocktail of natural ingredients will differ. However, they are all expertly-curated to effectively target the root of the problem. A bonus: Feel like you’re luxuriating in a tropical paradise as the mask imparts sweet-smelling fragrance to your hair!

Topp Care Hair Solutions

With a thorough wash and deep-conditioning, you’ll be ready for the next few steps. The hair specialist will distribute a hair lotion to various sections of your scalp. It aids in detoxing the scalp while strengthening hair follicles to prevent hair fall.

Now, on to the best part of the treatment a head and shoulder massage. The nimble fingers of the hair specialist will work out tension brought about by your hectic lifestyle, leaving you relaxed and recharged. While you’re transported to a state of complete calm, pay attention to how the hair specialist applies pressure on certain points of the scalp and shoulder. This is done to stimulate hair growth and enhance blood circulation.

Your hair treatment will wrap up with an infrared light therapy. A device emitting red light is administered to your hair for about 15 minutes. The benefits of red light therapy for the hair are numerous! Not only is it safe and non-invasive, it also supports the process of hair growth and repair. Plus, it boasts soothing anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for those with sensitive scalps that flare up easily. Once it concludes, you can get a glimpse of your cleaner scalp, unclogged from impurities. Your hair will also look glossier and healthier!

The outlet has a safe space for Muslim women to unwind and enjoy the hair treatments comfortably. It features an off-sectioned area separated with thick, opaque curtains. With all that extra privacy, you can let your hair down freely brownie points for that!

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There you have it a list of hair care hacks every hijabi needs to achieve healthy locks. Your mane can be your crowning glory if you put in the extra effort to shower it with unconditional care. Make today the day you start your hair care journey!

Brought to you by Topp Care Hair Solutions. 

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