12 Travel Hacks for Muslim Travellers

travel hacks

Today’s dose of truth: Travelling is indeed a rewarding experience — but it’s never nearly as glamorous or as Instragrammable as we put it to be. Not 100% of the time, at least. In fact, exploring the globe presents Muslim travellers with their own set of worries! Muslim travellers face different kinds of challenges (more than most travellers!) since we have a unique set of needs, especially when it comes to halal food.

However, travel doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you’re well-prepared. From planning your ideal Muslim-friendly holiday to making sure you don’t go hungry, these travel tips will give you some peace of mind. Check out these 12 travel hacks perfectly curated for modern Muslim travellers like you and me!

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Before heading to the airport

1. Selecting an accommodation

Planning any holiday is already a battle on its own. Whether you’re mapping out your itinerary or looking for fun activities, there are plenty of decisions you need to make. One of the major headaches could be selecting an ideal accommodation for you and your loved ones. travel hacks

From hotels to Airbnbs, there are many types of accommodations available. It’s important for Muslim travellers to choose one that suits your needs. Hotels might be a great relaxing option with luxury facilities. But Airbnb apartments also provide amenities such as a kitchen that might be useful if you have to prepare halal meals.

For a vast range of quality accommodations, head on over to Traveloka to select your ideal stay from 100,000+ hotels – you only need three quick steps to find exactly what you need. If you’re out to compare flights, Traveloka also has handy a “Flight + Hotel” booking option, too!

2. Pack your own travel capsule wardrobe

Packing woes are common for any traveller. You’re tempted to fit your entire house in a suitcase, but nobody wants to lug around heavy luggage, especially if there’s no elevator in sight. When it comes to clothes, pack your very own capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential and simple clothing that you can mix-and-match to create many outfits. You’ll get to express your personal style without bringing excessive amounts of shawls and tops.

Fill your travel capsule wardrobe with clothes that can easily match each other, plus different coloured hijabs that could accentuate any look. This travel hack might mostly apply to Muslimah travellers who have to coordinate a three-piece outfit. And hey, it’s added protection from the sun’s harsh rays, too!

3. Use packing cubes to organise your suitcase

Frequent travellers might have their own rules when it comes to packing. Some love to roll, while others fold. Regardless, Muslim travellers could use a little organisation in our suitcases with the help of packing cubes.

Space in any suitcase is like precious real estate. Hence, packing cubes are designed to organise and compartmentalise clothes and other essentials with ensuring optimum use of space. Plus, packing cubes make it easy to access your shoes at the bottom of your bag – you don’t have to unpack everything else!

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4. Email copies of important documents to yourself

Sometimes it helps to be prepared with the worst-case scenario in mind. Muslim travellers (and all travellers, for that matter) should keep a copy of their passports, identification cards, and travel itineraries. Even if you carry a hard copy in your bag, be sure to have a soft copy in your email inbox or online Cloud. This would come in handy in the event you lose any pertinent documents.

5. Download Muslim-friendly travel apps travel hacks

Travel apps are designed to help travellers keep track of our plans, flights, and more. As Muslim travellers, Muslim-friendly travel apps such as MuslimPro will come in handy when looking out for halal food, the qibla, and even prayer times easily.

Additionally, for seamless planning before or during your trips, check out the Traveloka app. This lets you unlock convenient access to Traveloka Xperiences, your gateway to travel adventures that perfectly match your preferences and interests. Who wouldn’t want their next adventure to be just a tap away?

6. Don’t forget your pen

This travel hack might seem simple, especially in the age of technology. But it will prove to be a useful one when necessary like when filling up forms such as the immigration and customs card. This would mean one less hassle when you are queuing up for immigration checks. Plus, flight attendants rarely have spare pens on them, too – passengers tend to flock to them when available. And immigration kiosks equipped with pens are often packed. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’ll have to wait your turn to write on any form or document; bring your own pen!

7. Always bring your water bottle

Hydration is important when you’re travelling. Often overlooked, being well-hydrated could determine your level of comfort and health when on holiday. A water bottle would mean that you could rehydrate whenever you need, especially on flights when it’s not always immediately available. Plus, you would save some money instead of having to purchase single-use plastic water bottles.

#HZtip: Make sure your bottles are empty during bag screening and fill them up again before boarding your flight. 

During your flight

8. Bring your own snacks

Mealtimes can be unpredictable when you’re travelling and snacks are always a good backup to beat those hunger pangs. Also, airplane meals aren’t always the most appetising and Muslims don’t have many options. So, pack yourself some granola bars or almonds to munch on while waiting for your next hot meal.

9. Keep yourself entertained

Sometimes travel can be stressful. And most times, you find yourself waiting around a lot. Whether you’re waiting to board your plane or passing time during a flight, electronics are a good way to keep yourself (and your crying children) entertained.

You could pre-load Netflix shows or podcasts on your mobile devices, especially if there’s no entertainment system on your flight. Remember to bring along your portable charges too, so that won’t run out of juice!

10. Go to the bathroom 30 minutes before landing

Keep track of how much time is left before you land and go to the restroom before the seatbelt light comes on prior to landing. Not only would this prevent fighting for restrooms upon arrival, but it could mean an easy transition through customs and baggage claim.

Upon arrival

11. Shop for simple groceries when you arrive

When you arrive at your destination, why not get yourself some basic groceries such as water or even a few snacks? Instead of raiding the hotel mini-fridge, you’ll save yourself some money by buying from local stores. Moreover, if you’re arriving in the wee hours of the night or staying far from main city centres, you won’t have to starve yourself.

Furthermore, as Muslim travellers, it may be difficult to locate halal restaurants everywhere we go. Some towns might not even have halal eateries. By having some modest groceries like bread, Muslim travellers could easily prepare a simple meal.

#HZTip: Some supermarkets have regulations on plastic bags. While others charge a small fee for them, others don’t give them out at all. Be prepared with a reusable carrier or eco-bag, just in case.

12. Visit the local mosque travel hacks

One of the essentials that Muslim travellers always look out for is, of course, halal food. Besides googling halal restaurants beforehand, you could also visit the local mosque in your city. You’ll find that there’s a higher possibility of finding halal restaurants in the same vicinity.

Since many Muslim communities tend to reside in such areas, you could easily connect with local Muslims. Mosques are also convenient for Muslim travellers who want to make sure they don’t miss out their daily prayers.

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These 12 travel hacks will not only make your well-deserved holiday more bearable but also allows you to be more efficient. Though it might be difficult to predict every single obstacle that might come your way, Muslim travellers should remember that you can only control what you can.

What you can’t, just tawakal! But for everything else, there is Traveloka – take care of your flights, accommodation and attraction passes all in one place.

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