Practical Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Hair Health

Never underestimate the power of a good hair day. Notice how every good movie makeover involves an elevated hairdo? It frames the face, it makes you look younger, and the joy from a snag-free comb through is unparalleled. And though bad hair isn’t as glaring as a blemish on the face, it doesn’t feel good either.

After all, having healthy, enviable hair goes beyond a great cut and strategically placed highlights. So, without further ado, here are practical reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your hair health:

1. Your hair health indicates overall health

poor hair health poor overall health
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Just as the condition of our skin reflects our general well-being, the same can be said of our hair. Generally, healthy hair reflects a healthy diet and lifestyle.

By paying attention to your hair and its small changes, you may be able to pick up on what your body needs. For example, when your hair goes limp or becomes brittle, it may be a sign that you’re lacking the nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

Even when you religiously take your vitamins and minerals, lacklustre hair may be a sign that your body’s having a hard time absorbing all the good stuff that it needs to be in tiptop shape. Simply put: Your hair speaks volumes! Pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you about your habits and lifestyle.

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2. Frequent hair loss can be a real source of anxiety

hair loss causes anxiety
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Hair loss is something many of us experience. However, excessive hair loss can sometimes lead to plenty of anxiety, especially if you’re not sure about the cause.

Before you get overly worried though, you might want to check the way you’re treating your hair, especially if you regularly cover it with head coverings like the hijab, which could put excessive pressure and traction on your hair with certain fabrics.

Generally, try to keep your hair loose and completely dry under your hijab or head covering to reduce the tension on your roots. In addition, avoid hijabs made with synthetic fabrics and opt for natural fibres like cotton and silk.Your hair will thank you in the long run. And once you realise that your hair is in better shape, mentally you’ll be more at ease too!

3. Healthy hair elevates self-confidence

hair health boosts self-confidence
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Just as we use clothes to dress up or down, our hair is a statement piece that leaves an impression. It’s also the one accessory of ours that we can’t change, so ensuring that our hair looks healthy can go a long way in elevating our self-confidence.

However, living in this tropical city of Singapore known for its warm and humid weather often leaves our hair and skin sticky by the end of a long day. The hair absorbs too much moisture when humidity is high and swells.

You can humidity-proof your hair by washing it with cool water, and applying leave-in conditioners, gels, and serums to create a barrier between the hair and moisture in the atmosphere.

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4. It’s easy to take care of your hair in the first place!

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One of the most practical reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your hair health? Because it’s easy to take care of it in the first place. As with any health-related concern, prevention is better than cure — so why not level up your hair care while it’s still the crowning glory that it is?

Early prevention measures to maintain healthy hair & scalp

One of the main reasons for hair loss and other hair health issues is the build-up of sweat, dead skin cells, and excess hair products. What’s more, natural sebum from our scalp could exacerbate build-up and become harmful in excess when not removed properly. The good news is, all these issues can be solved!

If you’re looking for a customised deep detox and scalp care treatment, you’ll love what TK TrichoKare has to offer.

What to expect

hair loss treatment

Your hair & scalp treatment at TK TrichoKare begins with a private consultation. An in-depth hair & scalp analysis will be conducted to assess your scalp condition before and after the treatment for easily observable results.

Most importantly, a private room is available for hijabi sisters, where you can let your hair down without worries.

During my time there, the hair & scalp specialists kindly explained each step throughout the treatment while ensuring prime comfort. First up was removing the build-up of excess hair products, dead skin cells, and sweat with a customised masque made of premium European herbs. The masque was applied in gentle brush strokes to detox the scalp and remove impurities and excess sebum.

Next was a cool and revitalising hair bath that moisturises the hair from the scalp to the ends, accompanied by a scalp massage to restore sebum balance. Not many know this, but the ends of your hair are often most neglected and prone to splitting. So, they’re key if you want to keep your locks long and luscious.

This was followed by the application of a customised ampoule and an OxyJet step (a handy tool that does exactly what it sounds like) that pumps oxygen into your scalp and boosts absorption of the applied ampoule. In general, the combined steps helped to increase hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation and damage, delay scalp ageing, and accelerate the scalp’s cell metabolism.

HZ tip: Did you know that your scalp’s cells have a metabolism rate, just like your body? You can learn simple tips on how to increase your hair follicle’s metabolism rate from the hair & scalp care specialists at TK TrichoKare when you head down for a scalp analysis! 

The soothing 2 to 2.5-hour treatment ended with Photodynamic Therapy. Using laser light technology, the machine supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing.

I headed back to the consultation room for another round of hair & scalp analysis to compare the before and after results, and immediate improvements were seen! Clearly, much of the build-up from excess sebum had been removed. Though not an immediate fix, I was able to address some of my hair & scalp health concerns. Safe to say that at the end of the treatment, my scalp felt completely refreshed.

With over 17 years of experience, TK TrichoKare is an award-winning brand that you can trust with your hair health. Rated as 2021’s Best: Treatment for Hair Thinning & Hair Loss (Influencers & Readers’ Choice) and ​​Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment, their unique customised deep detox and scalp care treatment is just what you need to keep your hair looking healthy.

For a limited period of time, you can enjoy the Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, with a free travel-sized hair care kit and HairGRO ampoule, at just S$40 nett (instead of the usual price of S$745!)

Book your appointment today!

Brought to you by TK TrichoKare.

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