6 Charity Organisations in Singapore For You to Give Back This Ramadan

In the spirit of Ramadhan, Muslims are encouraged to give charity as a form of ibadah. Whether you’re donating money or your time, it’s always nice to help our Muslim ummah. The importance of charity and giving in Islam is deeply rooted and can be supported by many hadiths and ayat in the Quran.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Protect yourself from hell-fire even by giving a piece of date as charity.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

charity organisations Singapore
Image credit: Mark Fischer

Throughout Ramadhan, many organisations in Singapore are holding charity drives and providing volunteering opportunities for the public to assist those in need. From giving donations in monetary terms to spending time with underprivileged children, there are many ways to give back to society. Here are some organisations in Singapore which you may partake in and join for a good cause!

1. Global Ehsan Relief Ramadhan Charity Drive 2019

Global Ehsan Relief
Image credit: Global Ehsan Relief

As a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Singapore, Global Ehsan Relief (GER) provides humanitarian services in crisis and non-crisis situations to orphans, widows and destitute regardless of race or religion.

Throughout Ramadhan 2019, Global Ehsan Relief is conducting a Charity Drive to provide 1000 grocery bags for needy families. Each bag will consist of pantry staples such as oil, rice, salt and Milo. These bags will also include Raya cookies for those families to celebrate Hari Raya as well.

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2. BAPA Iftar Sponsorship Project

Image credit: BAPA

BAPA is a non-profit social organisation that assists the residences of Radin Mas by providing affordable religious and secular education. Since 2014, BAPA has been very involved in projects that supply food to the disabled, aged, and those suffering from illness.

For Ramadan, they aim to serve food to the fakir miskin and immobilised beneficiaries to enable them to break their fast. Besides providing a balanced meal for the recipients, BAPA also encourages donors to channel their zakat Fidyah to the beneficiaries.

3. Project Goodwill Aid

Project Goodwill Aid
Image credit: Project Goodwill Aid

Founded by Ms Siti Nurani, Project Goodwill Aid (PGA) is a self-volunteer group. Muslims can join to give back to low-income families and old folks living alone. This Ramadhan, Miss Siti and team are holding a few Raya Drives such as the PGA Raya Special With Children. It runs throughout the fasting month till 3rd June.

They’ll bring underprivileged children out to shop for their new Hari Raya outfits whether its baju kurung or shoes. You may choose to provide aid in money or in kind, by physically volunteering yourself to bring these kids to shop.

Project Goodwill Aid
Image credit: Project Goodwill Aid

Moreover, they’re also holding a PGA Hari Raya Drive for the distribution of groceries and Hari Raya goodies. With aims to benefit low-income Muslim families, they are still seeking contributions in money or in kind. You may choose to offer your assistance by packing and distributing these goodie bags over the first weekend in June.

4. Nur Insan Ramadhan Charity Ride

Nur Insan
Image credit: Nur Insan

Nur Insan or also known as Madrasah Nur Insan is a holistic learning centre, catering to low-income families by providing free religious classes. Each year they host a Ramadhan Charity Ride to provide food rations or Raya Hampers to 300 less-fortunate families of various races and religion.

With just $70 per family, you may donate directly. If you intend to contribute in kind, you may also contact them to be part of the delivery team.

5. SimplyIslamSG Ramadhan Charity Basket 2019

Simply Islam.sg
Image credit: Simply Islam

A private organisation dedicated towards education and community development, Simply Islam SG provides weekend Islamic lessons. They also offer event management and corporate consultancy for interested parties. For the 12th year running, they’re organising the Ramadhan Charity Basket where they provide food and financial assistance to over 200 families in Singapore.

This year, they’re partnering with various organisations such as the Muslim Kidney Action Association and Darul Aman Mosque. Over a specific weekend, they will deliver these charity baskets to the various beneficiaries in the Marine Parade and Pasir Ris East Constituency.

6. Malay Youth Literary Association 4PM Ramadhan on Wheels

Malay Youth Literary Association 4PM
Image credit: Malay Youth Literary Association 4PM

Better known to the community as 4PM, they started the Ramadhan on Wheels Project in 2001 as they recognised the many difficulties faced by the elderly and needy families. Distributing the charity rations during Ramadhan, they ensured that food is sent directly to the beneficiaries’ homes. Vouchers and food rations are provided during the drive. Some homes will also be selected to go through a small home upgrade.

Before we know it, this blessed month will come to a close. Let’s get ourselves and wallets ready to donate generously for the beneficiaries within our community. Let’s support these organisations in cash or in kind while we can!

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