Halal Korean Food in Singapore: Restaurants, Fast Food Chains and More!

Halal Korean Food in Singapore – The Korean wave first hit Singapore more than a decade ago (think: Boys Over Flowers and Girl’s Generation’s Gee), and have since shown no signs of slowing down. Nowadays, mukbangs are gaining popularity among YouTubers. You can’t deny that such videos drive your Korean food hankerings wild.

From restaurants to food kiosks, here’s a comprehensive list of halal Korean food in Singapore to satisfy your Korean cravings. Or should I say, kravings?


1. HanSsik Korean BBQ Buffet

Halal Hanssik Korean BBQ BuffetImage credit: Hanssik Korean BBQ Buffet

HanSsik Korean BBQ Buffet is the new kid in the halal food scene! With decor reminiscent of quintessential Korean barbeque restaurants with suction hoods, you don’t need to fly to Seoul to enjoy the authentic gogigui (Korean barbeque) experience.

With two locations in the west, HanSsik offers 10 to 12 different types of marinated meats, such as Beef Bulgogi and Spicy Octopus, collagen hotpot and tons of Korean side dishes!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: The Clementi Mall, West Mall

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11.30 am to 10 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11.30 am to 10.30 pm

Contact: +65 6659 0749 (The Clementi Mall) | +65 6254 7837 (West Mall)

2. Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot Buffet

Captain Kim Korean BBQ & HotpotImage credit: Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot

For east-siders, Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot Buffet is another Korean barbeque restaurant where you can enjoy the authentic gogigui experience. Located a stone’s throw away from Tampines MRT Station, Captain Kim take their marinated meats seriously.

Don’t forget to try their flavourful meats, such as Honey Chicken, Volcano Chicken and Bulgogi Beef. There is also a wide selection of Korean delicacies, such asjapchae (glass noodles stir fry) and tteokbokki (rice cakes) to for you to chomp on while waiting for your meat to be cooked.

Halal status: pending Halal Certification

Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-06 NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11.30am to 3.30pm and 5.30pm to 10.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 11.30am to 10.30pm

Contact: +65 6260 4247 | Facebook | Instagram

3. Mukshidonna

Mukshidonna HalalImage credit: Mukshidonna

Did you know that the restaurant’s name is actually a string of the Korean words muk (eat), shi (rest), don (pay) and na (leave)? Well, be prepared to muk a lot! Mukshidonna is known for its budae jjigae (army stew) and tteokbokki. All orders of budae jjigae come with the base ingredients of tteokbokki, odaeng (Korean fish cakes), vegetables, and gochujang (red chilli paste) stew.

You can also add on other ingredients to your stew, such as fried rice,mandu (dumplings) and ramyeon (Korean instant noodles). Make a date with your friends and catch up over a large pot of delicious budae jjigae.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-324, E!Avenue, Singapore 519599

Opening hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant

Muk Bang Singapore HalalImage credit: Muk Bang Singapore

If you’re looking for a place where you can have a full course of Halal Korean food in Singapore, Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant has got you covered. To start things off, try their haemul pajeon (seafood scallion pancake) or kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake) as an appetizer.

For the main dish, theirsaeng galbisal (boneless beef short ribs), samgaetang (ginseng chicken soup) and bibimbap (Korean rice dish) are some of their popular choices. Finally, end on a sweet note with a choice of bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) from their extensive menu.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road #01-02, Singapore 469000

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Contact: +65 6604 6328 | Facebook | Instagram

5. Two Hana

Two Hana HalalImage credit: Two Hana

Do you and your friends have a tough time deciding between Korean or Western food for dinner? Head down to Two Hana, where two cuisines are fused into hana (one)! True to their name, Two Hana is all about innovative Korean-Western fusion food. The Kimchi Mac and Cheese and Bulgogi Sidewinders are some of their popular light bites.

However, the stars or their menu are definitely the main dishes such as their Bulgogi Chicken Linguine, Gochujang Braised Lamb Shank and Kalbi Beef Burger. Are you salivating yet?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Century Square, #01-21, 2 Tampines Central 5, 529509

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 10 am to 10 pm, Thursday & Friday 10am to 10.30pm, Saturday 9am to 10.30pm, Sunday 9am to 10pm

Contact: +65 6260 4321 | Facebook | Instagram 

6. Omoomodon

Omoomo HalalImage credit: Omoomo

Adding to the list of halal Korean food in Singapore is Omoomodon. Omoomodon serves Korean-Japanese fusion food and is incredibly wallet-friendly. Depending on the outlet, Omoomodon carries a variety of don, ramen and steak curated options.

You can also opt for their ‘Build-Your-Own’ choices if you’re feeling experimental. With the sheer variety of ingredient choices, the endless options will make you sayomo (oh my)!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Ha-Jun Korean

Ha-Jun KoreanImage credit: Ilostmyfarts

Westies, rejoice! Finally, there’s another affordable Korean restaurant to add to your list. Ha-Jun Korean is a convenient establishment to satisfy your kimchi soup cravings. Their menu might look like those typical menus you would find at a Korean food stall at food courts, but be sure to look closer. They do have interesting delicious options that include Kimchi Steamboat and Korean Honey Chicken Wings.

Halal status: pending Halal Certification

Address: Hillion Mall, Hong Leong Building, Westgate

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm, Closed on Weekends (Hong Leong Building), Open Daily 10am to 10pm (Hillion Mall & Westgate)

Contact: +65 6884 6884

8. Seoul Garden & Seoul Garden Hotpot

Seoul Garden SingaporeImage credit: Seoul Garden Singapore

When you think about halal Korean food in Singapore, Seoul Garden is definitely one of the first restaurants that come to mind. Seoul Garden has been the leading halal-certified Korean brand in Singapore for the past 35 years, way before the Korean wave!

Being the original Korean restaurant brand, Seoul Garden serves some seriously delicious food. From their wide range of marinated meats to a variety of premium seafood, you must come on an empty stomach!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Multiple outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Seoul Garden HotPot SGImage credit: Seoul Garden HotPot SG

If you’re not a fan of waiting around for your food to cook, Seoul Garden’s sister brand, Seoul Garden Hotpot is perfect for you. Based on an a-la-carte menu, you’ll get to devour your food straight away once it’s served!

Unlike other establishments, Seoul Garden Hotpot offers personal servings of Army Stew, Ginseng Chicken and Kimchi Hot Pot. This makes it perfect to share and sample a variety of Korean dishes with friends, or even enjoy a Korean meal by yourself!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Fast Food Chains

9. Jinjja Chicken

Jinjja ChickenImage credit: Jinjja Chicken

With the Korean word jinjja (real) in its name, you know you’re getting a taste of real, authentic Korean Chicken at Jinjja Chicken. Most of their ingredients are even directly imported from Korea! Their signature Korean Fried Chicken comes with three levels of spice; soy garlic, Yangnyeom and Monster.

Jinjja Chicken also feature other dishes, such as Jjajangmyeon and Seafood Jjamppong, that are rarely halal in Singapore. If you’ve always wanted to sample both dishes, be sure to get the 2-in1 Jjamjja Myeon!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Nene Chicken

NeNe Chicken SingaporeImage credit: NeNe Chicken Singapore

Nene Chicken’s popular Korean fried chicken is fried till golden brown and coated with a sauce of your choice. With a choice of seven sauces which covers the entire taste spectrum, there is surely something for every taste bud.

Nene Chicken is also famous for its 50cm Hotplate Chicken! The long hot plate features half a chicken, Korean stew chicken, curly fries and cheese. Don’t forget to snap a video of the cheese pull for the ‘gram!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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11. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

4Fingers Crispy ChickenImage credit: 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

It is a well-known fact that Koreans love their chicken. But so do, Singaporeans! When 4Fingers Crispy Chicken opened their first outlet at ION Orchard in 2009, you may have stood in the long queues just to get your hands on the Korean-style fried chicken.

With a choice of either soy garlic or hot sauce, their Signature Crispy Wings remain the food chain’s best-selling menu item. Do give their underrated menu items, such as Chicken Chop and Chicken Katsu Sandwich, a try!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hawker Stalls

12. WakerXOppa


The Korean chicken craze has even hit our hawker centres! At WakerXOppa, you can enjoy their 12-hour marinated Korean fried chicken which can be dipped in a variety of house-made sauces. Besides the usual chilli sauce and ketchup, WakerXOppa offers interesting fusion flavours such as Singapore Sambal, Wasabi Mayo, Emi’s Sweet Curry, Dak’s Lime Citrus Mayo and Dak’s Spicy Salted Egg.

Not feeling the sauce? Go for their Korean Fusion Rice Sets instead, where their chicken is paired with Nasi Lemak or Nasi Briyani. WakerXOppa is also known for their grills, hot pots and army stew.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 201C Tampines Street 21, Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffee Shop, Singapore 523201

Opening hours: 10.30am to 9.45pm daily

Contact: Facebook

Food Kiosks

13. Egg Stop

Egg StopImage credit: Egg Stop

Are you always on-the-go? Egg Stop is an eggcellent place for you. Similar to Korean toast brands such as Isaac toast and Egg Drop, this sandwich shack serves up a new take on the classic all-American breakfast dishes with a Korean twist.

There are currently six curated menu items; Beef Teriyaki, Egg Stop Signature, Chicken Ham and Cheese, Avocado and Egg, Smoked Chicken and Egg Stop Signature. With Korean ingredients between thick toasts and topped off with a raw egg yolk, the humble sandwich will definitely keep you full throughout the day.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address & opening hours: Outlets

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

14. Seoul in a Sandwich

Seoul in a SandwichImage credit: Seoul in a Sandwich

From the brains of the Seoul Garden group, Seoul in a Sandwich marries traditional Korean food and, as you can guess, sandwiches! For those who aren’t fans of how their clothes or hijabs smells after Korean barbeque, you don’t have to go through the ordeal anymore as you’ll get to savour the same Korean flavour but in sandwich form.

From savoury flavours, such as Bulgogi Cheesesteak, and Army Stew-wich, to sweet flavours, such as Matcha White Chocolate, this sandwich joint has got you covered!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, #B1-23, Singapore 529509

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am to 9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am to 10pm

Contact: +65 6260 4339 | Facebook | Instagram

15. Dosirak

DosirakImage credit: Dosirak

Located in the Central Business District, Dosirak is the perfect place to grab halal Korean food in Singapore. Dosirak serves bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) with a modern twist.

You get to fully customise your bibimbap, with choices that include Soy Sesame Chicken, Beef Bulgogi and Soy Citrus Tuna. With each bibimbap being under 500 calories, Dosirak is one of the healthiest options on the list! The bright, minimalistic restaurant and colourful bibimbap containers are also great for the ‘gram.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery #01-44, Singapore 068815

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm | Saturday: 11am to 3pm | Sunday: Closed

Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram


16. Oriental Ice Bistro

Oriental Ice BistroImage credit: Oriental Ice Bistro

You must be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of bingsu (Korean shaved ice). A while back, bingsu took Singapore by an icy storm with bingsu spots popping up on the island everywhere. Oriental Ice Bistro is one of the few bingsu establishments that are halal-certified.

A must-try item on the menu is their Overdose Bingsu. This massive bingsu combines three popular bingsu flavours; matcha, Oreo, and choco-banana. Oriental Ice Bistro also include local flavours such as Chendol Pak Dol and Avocado Gado.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 89 Rangoon Road, #01-30, Singapore 218375

Opening hours: Thursday to Tuesday 12pm to 11pm

Contact: +65 6635 7426 | Facebook

17. Bingsu Corner Korean Dessert @ Fusion Spoon

Fusion Spoon at Botanic GardensImage credit: Fusion Spoon at Botanic Gardens

Conveniently located at Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Tanglin Gate, Bingsu Corner Korean Dessert @ Fusion Spoon is a perfect spot for visitors to cool down after a day out in the gardens. This dedicated Korean bingsu corner serves up a variety of refreshing flavours.

Some of the beloved items on the menu are Injeolmi Bingsu (a variety of Korean rice cake), Grapes Bingsu, Red Bean with Milk Bingsu, Mixed Fruit Bingsu and Mango Bingsu.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road, Tanglin Gate, #B1-00, Singapore 259569

Opening hours: 7am to 10pm daily

Contact: +65 6255 5110 | Facebook | Instagram

BONUS: Home-based Businesses & New Stores

18. Busy Bowl

Busy BowlImage credit: Busy Bowl

Busy Bowl serves up some mean rice and pasta bowls. With a choice of Bulgogi-marinated beef or chicken, the bowls are doused in bulgogi sauce, gochujang and topped off with an onsen egg. Judging by how fast their weekly pre-order slots are filled, their bowls must definitely be good.

If you want to get a taste of these tantalising bowls, keep a look out for their pre-order announcement on their Facebook or Instagram, then place your order via WhatsApp!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: +65 9229 9791 | Facebook | Instagram

19. Dè Kika Bakes

Dè Kika BakesImage credit: de.kikabakes

With over 3,000 followers on Instagram, Dè Kika Bakes is a thriving home business. They are popular for their Tteokbokki Cheese, Rabokki (Korean rice cakes with ramen) and Stir Fry Tteokbokki. They are very generous with the cheese! To order, look out for their announcement on Instagram and drop them a direct message.  

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Contact: Instagram

Since the Korean wave seems to be here to stay, why not just embrace it? Head on over and enjoy lip-smacking halal Korean food in Singapore. They’ll surely make you say masisseoyo (delicious)!

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20. Otoke Chicken

Image credit: otokechicken

Otoke Chicken is a new halal-certified Korean fried chicken chain that is originally from Vietnam. Opened in May of last year, you can find this restaurant in Lucky Plaza. Not only affordable, you can also pick from 3 sauces – spicy, soy garlic, and black pepper – for you crispy fried chicken. While they are best known for their chicken, their menu also boasts items like chicken burgers, salads and nugget.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 304 Orchard Road #B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Asia Food Mall

Opening hours: 9am – 10pm, daily

Contact: 8816 8468

21. Cafemama

Image credit: cafemama

Cafemama is a casual dining cafe boasts a wide variety of street snacks and dishes including Dosirak rice boxes, kimbap rolls, fried chicken, army stews and more. Headed by a Korean chef behind each chosen recipe, you can be sure that you will have an authentic taste of Korean cuisine.

Halal status: No pork, No lard; currently pursuing a halal certificate

Address: 3155 Commonwealth Ave W, #05-16,Singapore

Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm, daily

Contact: 65709287

23.  Noosh Noodle Bar and Grill

Image credit: nooshnoodlebar

Located at The Esplanade, NOOSH Noodle Bar and Grill serves fusion dishes that seamlessly brings together Asian and Western cuisine. While they do serve up a mix of dishes, there are also an impressive choice of Korean cuisine. If you find yourself here, give the Korean dishes – NOOSH Bulgogi Beef/ Chicken, Spicy Beef Ramyeon, Jajangmyeon Noodle Sizzling Plate (Beef/ Chicken) – a try!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #01-13B Singapore 039802

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 12pm – 11pm; Friday, 3pm – 12am; Saturday, 12pm – 12am; Sunday, 12pm – 10pm

Contact: 63279396

24. Food Lovers Only

Image credit: FLO.foodloversonly

Located in IMM shopping mall, Food Lovers Only (FLO) serves Western-fusion cuisine with dishes including breakfasts, sandwiches and pastas. Some of the dishes include Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich, Korean Inspired Marinated Chicken and more. All these dishes are also made by 19-year-old Korean Chef Kim Jin Myeong who also create all these fusion recipes! 

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-15A IMM, Jurong East, Singapore

Opening hours: 11am – 10pm, daily

Contact: 68961396

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