Top 5 Muslim-Friendly Attractions in Hong Kong

Muslim-Friendly Attractions in Hong Kong 

When traveling to a city like Hong Kong, most Muslim travellers are often unaware of the facilities available for them. As you go along exploring the exciting city, take note of these sights which will not only make your trip memorable, but are also Muslim-friendly!

If you need more information on restaurants that are halal-certified, be sure to check out this list! For all the details pertaining to prayer spaces and mosques in the city, you can look through here.

sky100 Observation Deck

Image credit: Discover Hong Kong 

sky100 Observation Deck is one of the top attractions in Hong Kong. The 360-degree indoor observation deck offers some of the most scenic views of the city, a must-see for everyone visiting the city. Located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre, sky100 is convenient to access thanks to a well-connected transportation network. What’s even more impressive is that it also features Hong Kong’s fastest double-deck high-speed elevators which will bring you to the 100th floor in just 60 seconds! This attraction also offers Muslim-friendly facilities in the form of a prayer room.

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Ngong Ping 

Image credit: Ngong Ping 360 FB

Head on over to Ngong Ping 360, a cable car service that boasts the hidden sides of Lantau with a bird’s eye view of the natural landscape and ecology of the wondrous island. In the vicinity of the cable car, there is also Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria, a Halal-certified eatery where you can fuel up before heading on to explore the sights around and nearby Ngong Ping!

As you step out, be prepared to be blown-away by the culturally-themed 1.5 hectare Ngong Ping Village! There you will find a plethora of stores and eateries where you can enjoy food and shopping as you wander the village. Just a five minutes walk away, you can also find the renowned Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and Ngong Ping Piazza, amongst others.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Image credit: Hong Kong Disneyland FB

If you’re in Hong Kong, you have to stop by Hong Kong Disneyland – one of the most popular spots in the country! With a wide variety of attractions and entertainment in the theme park, even one whole day might not be enough! Best of all, Muslim travellers don’t have to be worried about the availability of Halal food. Hong Kong Disneyland is the only Disney Park in the world that provides permissable food options!

Head on over to the Explorer’s Club Restaurant to enjoy a variety of flavours from four different cuisines including Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian. There is also a prayer room available next to the restaurant with wudhu facilities to boot. For a more laid back eatery, consider Tahitian Terrace where dishes like Laksa, Thai Chicken Curry and Rendang awaits! There are also vegetarian options for those who require it.

Ocean Park

Image credit: HK Ocean Park 

Ocean Park is another theme park in Hong Kong, perfect for everyone – from thrill-seekers to families! It is also a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park all in one – the second largest theme park after Hong Kong Disneyland. With more than 40 attractions in one park, including four roller coasters and two water rides, Ocean Park is home to some of the best experiences!

Here, Muslims can have a peace of mind because there is Halal food available. The park’s food cart #3 (in front of the lagoon) offers Asian delights such as Hainanese Chicken Rice and Tandoori Chicken. There is also Cafe Ocean available, which is certified Halal!

You can also perform your prayers by heading to one of the two Guest Relations offices, one at the main entrance and the other near Thrill Mountain at The Summit, and ask for assistance. The friendly staff will lead you to the prayer room with the Qibla direction clearly marked for your convenience.

Avenue of Stars

Image credit: Discover Hong Kong

This waterfront promenade is a tribute to Hong Kong’s greatest film actors and actresses who were the stars of local cinema. One of the most interesting features include QR codes on the different artist’s handprints, which will provide details about the stars. With over a hundred handprints, you will be sure to find some familiar film stars!

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui area, this sight is difficult to miss! In this prime area, you will be spoilt for choice with the Halal food options available. On top of that, the tranquil Kowloon Mosque is just a 10-minute walk away – conveniently perform your prayers as you enjoy the brilliant architecture of the mosque!

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Hong Kong Tourism Board has recently launched a microsite to provide more information and travel tips for Muslim travellers. So if you need more travel inspiration or wish to jazz up your itinerary with exciting things to do, then be sure to visit Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Muslim-centric website for the latest ins and outs of Hong Kong.

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