Muslim Dating Apps Are Trending As More Search For “Halal” Love

February is no stranger to all things romantic courtesy of Valentine’s Day that’s celebrated worldwide. Although Valentine’s Day isn’t something Muslims believe in, there seems to be something else they’re firmly believing in — Muslim dating apps! Forget Tinder, OkCupid and Paktor, and bid hello to Minder, Salaam Swipe and Muzmatch.

muslim dating app
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These Muslim dating apps were designed to help single Muslim men and women find their perfect match (minus all the sins). Apparently, devout men seek potential wives by interacting in very serious conversations (minus all the sexual innuendos and flirting) and maintain appropriate conduct.

You’re also required to build a profile and list your ethnicity, sect, preferred age to marry, dressing ratings and upload a modest photo as your display picture. Some Muslim dating apps even go the extra mile and offer a “chaperone” feature which allows a guardian or family member to monitor the conversations.

The Muslim dating apps work on the same basis as other dating apps where you can “like” and “dislike” profiles and see if you find a suitable match. Whether you chance upon “The Pious Bachelor”, “The Wannabe Beauty Blogger”, “The Noble Revert” or “The Mipster” (Muslim hipster in case you didn’t know), there’s a high chance you will meet someone that matches your fancy. Is this for the better of the Muslim market since it complements the faith?

muslim dating app muzmatch
Image credit: Muzmatch

For most of these apps, casual dates are not the end goal. Long-term commitment and marriage are ultimately what most seek. These Muslim dating apps in a way allow couples to connect more deeply by sharing their traditions, beliefs and time-honoured practices. The instant access to thousands of like-minded singles seems to make the search for love easier.

muslim dating app

Are these Muslim dating apps also a way of melding Western social norms with cultural expectations? It seems like the old-fashioned tradition of matchmaking is no longer something favourable, notably amongst millennials these days. They would rather go on these social discovery platforms and be their own judge.

Whether you’ve tried Muslim dating apps or are currently intrigued by them, these apps have actually proven to be the reason behind countless marriages. Still apprehensive? Perhaps you should try them and be your own judge.

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