Happy Mothers’ Day: 5 Gifts For Your Muslim Mum

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner and finding the perfect gift for the greatest role model of your life might be a challenge. As daughters and sons, we struggle to find a gift that’s worthy of the many sacrifices and unlimited love our Muslim mothers have showered us with.

Though there might not be a rightfully “ideal” gift for all Muslim mothers, it doesn’t mean our Muslim mothers don’t deserve something special. Here are five (almost perfect) presents you could give your Muslim mothers this Mothers’ Day.

1. Islamic spirituality journals

The Dua Journal
Image credit: The Dua Journal

These journals are perfect for Muslims looking to keep track of your Iman goals. With various kinds of journals in the market, there are plenty of Islamic spirituality journals catered to every Muslim mum’s needs. They come in all shapes and designs so you’ll surely find one that suits your mother’s personal style. Whether it’s taking note of your prayers or just reflecting on your blessings in life, these journals are great gifts for busy Muslim mothers who want to keep track of all the happenings in their lives.

2. Halal makeup and skincare

halal makeup skincare
Image credit: So.lek Cosmetics

All mothers earned some form of pampering for their thankless jobs as our caretakers. There’s no better way to pamper her than to gift her with the best kind of makeup and skincare. Your mother deserves to look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. Treat her to some of the best products to give her the best glow up. Plus, halal makeup and skincare are mostly made of organic and guilt-free ingredients. Thus, you’re gifting them with the best ingredients for their skin.

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3. Halal Nail Polish

halal nail polish
Image credit: Zahara

Staying with the theme of looking gorgeous without guilt, why not get your Muslim mum some halal nail polish? These halal and vegan nail polishes are perfect for mums who want to lacquer up without having to worry about their wudhu. Getting your mother a “halal” nail polish is not only a great way for them to express themselves but also perfect for them to pamper their cuticles with some TLC.

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4. Islamic wall art

islamic wall art
Image credit: Etsy

Mothers are always looking for fresh new ideas to beautify your homes. Islamic wall art or Islamic prints are a minimalistic way of sprucing up your home especially since Eid is coming soon. There is plenty of Islamic artwork from decals to simple framed quotes. Selecting the right artwork for your Muslim mum might be tricky but can instantly transform your home without any drastic changes.

5. Oud candles

oud candles
Image credit: Nuhr Home

Oud scented fragrances is another great way to spruce up your home by adding an element of relaxation. Oud candles are made with natural ingredients that have been expertly blended and matured to add an essence of elegance to match your mother. Lighting a scented candle will provide a calming environment for your Muslim mum to unwind and relax while reading a book or catching up on her favourite television shows.

Though every day should be Mothers’ Day, mothers do deserve a token of your love this Mothers’ Day. Whether it’s a simple gift or just spending some quality time with your mother, be sure to tell her how much you appreciate all she does for you. Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers, grandmothers and mother figures!

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