Muslim-Friendly New Zealand Adds New Entry Requirements for Tourists

As part of measures to enhance border security and reduce immigration clearance time, the New Zealand government will be introducing an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Travellers from over 60 visa waiver countries such as South Korea, Singapore, USA and Canada will need to hold a valid ETA that lasts up to two years. Passengers simply transiting through New Zealand are also required to hold an ETA, even if New Zealand is not their final destination.

Tourists planning to visit New Zealand can start requesting for the ETA from July 2019 onwards, by completing an online form. Mobile requests will cost $9NZD (~S$8.30) and $12NZD (~S$11) for applications made through web browsers. The government recommends requesting an ETA in advance as it can take up to 72 hours to be approved.
Note: The ETA is not a visa and citizens from visa waiver countries will still not require a visa if they are visiting for three months or less.

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ETA Exemptions

  • Crew and passengers on a non-cruise vessel
  • Crew on a foreign ship carrying cargo
  • Guests of the government
  • People travelling under The Antarctic Treaty
  • Members of a visiting force and associated crew members.

In addition, the government is also implementing an International Visitor and Conservation Tourism Levy (IVL) which will cost $25 NZD (~S$23). The IVL will last as long as the ETA is valid.

Note: Australian citizens will be exempt from applying for the ETA. Australian permanent residents will need to hold an ETA but will not be required to pay the IVL.

Do ensure that you have the relevant documents prior to your next trip to New Zealand. A smooth start to the trip is always ideal!

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