What Type of Muslim Traveller Are You?

The Muslim traveller approaches the same destination in different ways. For some types, it can be the destination of self-discovery, while for others it’s merely a vacation.

Ever wondered what type of traveller you are? We’ve listed down of some of the different types of Muslim travellers. Are you any one of them; a combination of some maybe?

1. The Tech-Savvy Traveller

Image credit: Andrew Neel

With the latest gadgets in both hands, these tech-savvy travellers’ bags are full of the latest technology.

They’re always finding opportunities to use their new gear and experiment with the latest applications. You can count on them to get the perfect digital travel documentation.

2. The Travel Photographers

Image credit: James Bold

If you’re not one, you know one. Travel photographers are everywhere and everyone’s oh, so grateful for them.

Without these creative travelling eyes, the world wouldn’t have any pictorial proof of how beautiful and magical it actually is.

From capturing natural beauty of Earth to portraits of smiles and excitement, these travel photographers see them all.

3. The “Lepak” Traveller

Image credit: Lionello DelPiccolo

When you’re on a short holiday, most of us would want to make full use of the time we have in that country.

These “lepak” travellers, though, tend to take their time. They sleep in and would rather chill the whole day. Not that it’s a bad thing though.

Having one of them in your entourage can remind us to take things slow and appreciate the “here and now,” rather than just scurrying off to the next attraction.

4. The “Kiasu Makcik/Pakcik” 

Our typical “kiasu makcik/pakcik” can be overpackers, because “just in case.” They are super-early birds, queue up outside attractions way before opening hours and book tickets well in advance using coupons.

It’s good to be one, or have one on your travels, but a reminder that everything should be done moderately.

5. The “World is My Runway” Traveller

Image credit: freestocks

What’s a trip without curating outfits for the world to see? This type of traveller is the ultimate travel fashionista. You can count on them to dress lavishly and 24/7 in style. They’re never seen walking down a street without turning at least a few heads.

These types of travellers are often seen shopping on their travels, snagging the exclusive designs and one-of-a-kind products.

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6. The Instagrammer 

Image credit: Muhammad Ruqiyaddin

Also known as the OOTD King/Queen, the Instagrammer is posing in front of every aesthetically pleasing landscape or area.

If they’re not taking pictures of the interior of the cafe they were in for their Instagram post or striking a pose with a bent-down photographer snapping photos of them, they’re filming a video from their phones to post on their Instagram stories. 

7. The Culture Vulture

Image credit: Stale Gut

The world is a hotpot of amazing cultures, and our Culture Vulture traveller seeks to know them all. They’re often planning their days to the museums and historical sites to absorb and understand the different cultures.

You can count on them doing research beforehand to make sure they hit up all the spots that are most relevant to their interests. 

8. The Budget Tripper

Image credit: Michael Longmire

If we’re not all a bit of this type of traveller, we’re probably lying to ourselves. The Budget Tripper is usually concerned with their finances on their travels.

While it may not be as drastic as counting pennies to buy a meal, it’s more in the direction of taking a stroll instead of hopping in a cab, or staying in a guesthouse over a fancy hotel. 

9. The Food Explorer

Image credit: The Eaters Collective

Always the one going, “don’t eat just yet, I want to take a photo” before every meal, our Food Explorer type of traveller documents their food-ventures, be it in the form of photography or pinning down eateries on their smartphones.

They seek out interesting, unique local delicacies to try, because you know what they say, when in Rome, eat what the Romans eat!

10. The “Nothing but Perfection” Traveller

Image credit: Jazmin Quaynor

Here we have the perfectionist traveller, who plans everything to perfection. Their trips consists of following a packed schedule in an organised way, having each hour planned with an activity.

They’ve done ample research beforehand and curated a perfect holiday itinerary. While it’s great to have things in mind to do, these types of travellers could pen in a bit of downtime in their schedule and expect unforeseen circumstances on the trip. 

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11. The “Hypebeast” Crowd

Image credit: Charles

Repping Supreme shirts and Yeezy’s footwear, the Hypebeast traveller is always fresh in high-end streetwear.

Their travel destinations are often where their favourite streetwear brands have flagship stores or carry exclusive designs. 

12. The Social Butterfly

Image credit: Helena Lopes

Always seen with a different group of people and going up to strangers racking up a conversation, our Social Butterfly traveller always comes home with a whole new group of people on their friends list.

They’re never afraid to say “hi” to a fellow traveller passing by them or joining a group on their adventures.

13. The “Chill Pill” Retreaters

Image credit: Simon Migaj

Often picking travel destinations that offer beach resorts or something similar, the “Chill Pill’ Retreaters travel for some down time and relaxation.

These types of travellers seek to get away from the hustles and bustles of their busy lives for some peace and quiet. While others prioritise exploration, our Chill Pill Retreaters go for a more calmer approach.

14. The Collector

Image credit: Cederic X

Needing a remembrance for every destination they go to, the Collector is in a bit of all of us travellers. Having a sort of memento of the city you’ve just explored and created unforgettable memories is generally what these types of travellers do.

From souvenirs to local crafts, they’re always bringing home a piece of their travels with them. 

15. The Adventure Seeker

Image credit: Michal Parzuchowski

Those who seek thrill and excitement, this one is definitely you. The Adventure Seeker plans their trips based on the activities they want to tick off their bucket list.

From sky-diving to mountain-climbing, they’re not afraid to get their hands and clothes dirty. 

16. The “By the Book” Followers

Image credit: Alex Zamora

Travel guidebook in one hand and a language guide in the other, this type of traveller often follows what they read.

They plan their attraction sites based on what the guidebook recommends, and only carrying out their travels “by the book”.

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17. The Typical Tourist

Image credit: Sarthak Navjivan

Heard of the “typical tourist shot” – from pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa to posing in front of the Disneyland castle with Mickey Mouse ears.

The Typical Tourist hits on every tourist attraction spots, takes all the typical tourist shots and does what every tourist do. They’ll make sure to not miss out on anything on their list.

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