15 Halal Nail Polish Brands Muslim Women Should Check Out

Halal nail polish is increasingly popular among both Muslims and non-Muslims. The most outstanding feature is its breathability which has allowed Muslim women to keep their manicures with their wudhu’. It allows water and moisture to permeate through the nail. 

Also, halal nail polish has been lauded as a healthier alternative to regular nail polish as it ensures your nails remain healthy. Currently, more cosmetic brands worldwide are trying to accommodate women with various religious restrictions. Check out these 13 brands that are riding the halal nail polish wave!

1. Mersi Cosmetics

Image credit: Mersi Cosmetics

Splashing on a glossy fresh coat of Mersi’s nail polish is like having a manicure done by a professional. What sets this apart is that it is free of the 11 main harsh chemicals found in typical nail polish. Besides being non-toxic, it is also chip resistant; lasting up to 10 days! Best of all, they are over 20 shades – all inspired by and named after nature – to suit your mood. It’s formula has been Lab Certified for Water permeability & Halal Certified by ISWA Halal Certification department so you can put your worries to rest. The whole range is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.  


2. Zahara

Image credit: Zahara

This Singaporean brand is no stranger to the halal cosmetic scene. Besides the popular eyeshadow quad palette, the real star of Zahara is their halal nail polish. The specially-formulated nail polish comes in a myriad of cool colours with and the best-sellers are #LadyBoss and Athena. Be sure to look out for their nail polish remover which is both alcohol and acetone-free.  

3. 786 Cosmetics

Image credit: 786 Cosmetics

786 Cosmetics produces not only breathable halal nail polish, but all of their products are also vegan, which means it neither contains any toxins nor condones any animal testing. It boasts a wide range of lovely colours and is considered extremely affordable. The non-peelable halal polishes can last from seven to ten days with just one coat!

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4. Nailberry

Image credit: Nailberry

This UK-based brand is an award-winning nail polish brand that started as a luxury nail bar in London. Nailberry created their halal nail polishes with inspiration from nature, health and wellness. The vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes promise its users a healthier manicure without any colour compromise. Also, the range of colours are simply gorgeous and have the perfect balance of long wear, pigmented and glossy.

5. Inglot

Image credit: Inglot

As one of the pioneers of halal nail polish, Inglot is popular among many Muslim women. Their line of O2M Breathable Nail Enamels was launched back in 2017 and has remained a cult favorite ever since. The extensive range of colours, shades and textures will surely send you in a beauty frenzy. Inglot also prides itself in being long-lasting and dries quickly after application.

6. Vivre Breathe Cosmetics

Image credit: Vivre Cosmetics

Vivre Cosmetics prides itself in making cruelty-free and paraben free products. Their halal nail polishes are chip-resistant and fast drying, perfect for the everyday working woman. Its range of classic yet chic colours is highly pigmented, which means that your manicure is going to look fab regardless.

7. Tuesday in Love

Image credit: Tuesday in Love

Just as its name suggests, this halal nail polish brand was born out of love. A loving husband channelled his frustrations when looking for appropriate halal nail polish for his wife into a whole business. Their line of halal nail polishes comes in a rainbow of colours and Muslim beauty junkies can even choose between a glossy or matte finish. Plus, the halal nail polishes are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

8. Maya Cosmetics

Image credit: Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics have promised quality halal nail polishes as all of their products are animal-free and vegan. To combat any queries on water permeability, the brand even incorporates a video on the main website to demonstrate how to properly care for your nails during wudhu’. But what sets Maya apart from other halal nail polish brands is the line of glitter and metallic nail polishes.

9. LYN

Image credit: LYN

LYN actually stands for Love Your Nails which reflects its mission in allowing women everywhere to love their nails. The Love Your Nails Ch2olor Complex line was launched in an attempt to be more inclusive of Muslim women. It is one of the first few halal certified nail polishes in the Middle East. The halal nail polishes come in six hues with colours such as red and gold.

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10. LACC

Image credit: lacc beauty ~ la couleur couture

La Couleur Culture or better known as LACC was started by an Iranian-American entrepreneur who wanted to blend her love of beauty while complying with their cultural background. She wanted Muslim women to be able to express themselves through their nails so she decided to start a line of halal nail polish.

LACC is devoted to producing high-quality products, so none of their halal nail polishes contains harmful chemicals. Moreover, the nail polish formula also has UV protection properties and is quick-drying and long-lasting.

11. Amara Cosmetics

Image credit: Amara Cosmetics

After its founding in 2010, Amara Cosmetics have paved the way for the emergence of halal beauty in the Western region. Although they sell an extensive selection of beauty products from makeup to brushes, their halal nail polishes are also a favourite among Muslim women. The range of colours may be somewhat limited but is not a reflection of the quality of products. The best part is that a portion of their profits is donated towards championing female causes.

12. Talyah London

Image credit: Talyah London Cosmetics Ltd

Talyah’s collection of halal nail polishes are highly pigmented. Thus, it gives you a glorious shine without having to apply more than one coat. The brand also promises customers that they do not use any harsh chemicals and are fully vegan. Thinking of switching colours? Fret not, Talyah ensures that their halal nail polishes are easy to remove without staining your nails.

13. LENA Nail Polish

Image credit: @lenanailpolish

LENA’s range of halal nail polishes is so extensive in both hue and texture. Besides the wide selection of colours, they offer Muslim women a choice of a matte or glossy finish. Plus, they have a collection of glitzy glitter which is considered rare in halal nail polish brands. LENA is also deemed more affordable among other breathable nail polishes, perfect as a budget-friendly option.

14. Orly

Image credit: ORLY

As part of their limited edition collaboration with Muslim Girl, Orly debuted a #halalpaint collection. It features over six trendy colours that are water-permeable and formulated with argan oil,  pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C. Do check out the very aptly named colours such as Ig-Noor the haters. Orly also ensures that their halal nail polishes don’t chip or peel easily.

15. Iba Cosmetics’s Iba Argan Oil Enriched Breathable Nail Colors

Image credit: @ibacosmetics

With a collection of over 10 stunning shades, Iba Cosmetics’s Iba Argan Oil Enriched Breathable Nail Colours is long lasting and healthy for your nails. With the unique French formula, it allows for both air and water to permeate, keeping your nails fresh and hydrated. The nail polishes are internationally certified halal by IHI Alliance, Saudi Arabia and are free from the 12 harmful chemicals often found in a typical nail polish. Some of the shades are Sunny Beach, Red Velvet, Ultra Violet and more! You can even find halal-ceritified top coat and nail color remover.

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With more brands creating halal-friendly products, Muslim beauty fanatics will no longer have to worry about purchasing or even using these beauty products. The best part is that these halal beauty products are good for you since they do not contain toxins and other harmful chemicals. So, you’re always guaranteed high-quality products!

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